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Can anyone advise which the best anti-virus software to download/install is?

I have recently been using CA Anti-Virus on a free trial which has now expired, should I pay to continue using this software or should I look for either a free software or pay for a different package.

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17 Responses to “Can anyone advise which the best anti-virus software to download/install is?”

  1. measiam said :

    Try AVG its pretty good and its free

  2. ˣ said :

    Eset Smart Security is the best out there and worth every penny.
    Free Anti Virus software is useless.

  3. dust1 said :

    i agree, get AVG

  4. luckyrichplayer said :

    AVG and CLAM anti-virus are free and excellent.
    I stopped using windoze for this very reason. Just too much hassle.
    If you use Linux instead you would not have to put up with this malware garbage. Just a thought

  5. mickbick said :

    You can get AVG free or Avira,but if you want to buy one then get Eset nod 32 security suite for 30 day free trial and if you like it then buy at the end of trial,have had it for 2 yrs with no problems!

  6. Darren said :

    AVG is free and is pretty good if you want a free package.

    If you are going to pay for a package then go with whatever you feel you are happy with there are plenty out there.

    Kaspersky AV is probably the best one available at the moment.

  7. Kristy D said :

    I’ve got the free version of AVG and its been really good. I had a different one that i paid for and a computer technician recommended i changed it for AVG.
    🙂 X

  8. Ace said :


    I Can Advise you to try these 3 free Antivirus programs.

    AVG,avast!, Avira Antivirus.

    All 3 are free and don’t use much RAM. You can get a free License for avast!

    AVG –

    avast! –

    Avira –

    avast! Registration –

  9. GRASSHOPPER said :

    been using AVG for 5 years and its still the best free anti virus around
    never had problem

  10. lesles9 said :
  11. Philosophicist said :

    AVG Free is probably the best, but COMODO rivals it all the way. It also has stronger protection with an inclusive Firewall and whole host of other things, whereas AVG is simply a scanner.

  12. Try_anything_once said :

    Ignorance is not bliss on this subject. Free Anti-Virus is as good as you pay for. NOD32 won this years competition.Panda, was a close second followed by the big three.

    If you have Comcast cable, the Mcafee suite is included in your subscription. Click on the security tab on the top right of your .net page.

    Imagine your bank accounts, personal information and everything else you use your computer for being used by low-life thieves. Imagine your PC dead as a rock. Compare that to the cost of quality Anti-Virus.

    The choice is that simple. Freeware missed almost 50% of viruses and malware during competition. Hmmm… Interesting….

  13. buster said :

    Use another free trial, you need to test others to compare to your CA Anti-virus benchmark.

    I recommend Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 30 day trial.

    I would not be surprised if it found a virus CA Anti-virus missed.
    (kaspersky is very good).

  14. Gizzo said :

    All of the following are free. You don’t need to pay to get a good anti-virus. No matter which, of the three below, you choose, you can’t really go wrong. They are the top three and are all pretty evenly matched. It is mostly down to personal preference.

    AVG Free:

    I personally use AVG, but it is slower than the others when scanning.

  15. Michael A said :

    I am using Kaspersky antivirus for 5 years now and i am proud to say i never had a virus problem since. I totally suggest you to try-it and buy it. It worths every penny.

    More about kaspersky antivirus here:

  16. Nikin L said :
  17. Ne0 said :

    well there are many.. kaspersky , nod32 , mcafee.. you can get all free versions here –


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