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Does anyone know the best Anti Virus software for the computer ?

I have the AVG and to me it is very basic. It was a free download. Is there a good one I can purchase from the shops? Or perhaps you know of a good free one online. I don’t have a credit card or any means of paying for something online. I am from the Republic of Ireland if that helps with my query.

Thanks for any answers.

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11 Responses to “Does anyone know the best Anti Virus software for the computer ?”

  1. Callum crunchy said :

    norton trust me its great

  2. One life. said :, one of the oldest and better than AVG in my opinion. You get a 30 day free trial, it has got rid of a virus that AVG would not and I would not use Norton as I used it and was not impressed at all. Go to get a free scan then download the free 30 day, if you like it you can purchase. But the full version is not free.

  3. Starry Eyed Maniac said :

    Try Avast! Anti Virus. Although it’s free, I think it’s better/same as any shop bought one.

  4. Hend R said :

    avalst is the tits its free. and can run independently from windows meaning if ur os has a virus it will remove it without the need to boot into windows stopping the virus b4 it even starts

  5. mrhaana said :

    Don’t purchase any software. Get Avast Free from their official site and register to get a free key which is valid for one year.

    I use it for the past 6 months and my system never got any malicious files.

  6. ? said :

    Norton is a system resource hog with memory, it will slow your system down considerably.

    Windows Live OneCare is what I would reccomend.

  7. Elizabeth said :

    I am using Norton Internet Security available from computer shops and other places might have it as well.

  8. yagnam_swathi2000 said :

    The bestAntii virus for desktops, are Mcafeemultiplel version,
    Do not think about price it worth of buying Mcafeeversionsswhichh will come along withFir-walll it is free of cost think twice buying anti virus which can give you peace of mind

  9. SecurityExpert said :

    Download and run Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware from to check your computer for all kinds of threats.

  10. Keane M said :

    According to a recent survey the top 3 best anti-virus software are:

    1. Bit Defender
    2. Kaspersky
    3. Nod32

    I am using Nod32 and it works great. I never had a virus related problem for years now, so I recommend to you Nod32.

    For free Anti-virus software I recommend: AVIRA Anti-Virus. It is free and it is also effective . You could download it at It is always a part of the top downloads on the said site.

  11. Someone said :


    Free does not equal bad.

    If you want a review of some free antiviruses, you can read here:

    For paid antiviruses, you can probably get Kaspersky or Norton from the shops. Both of them are excellent. Bear in mind though, you could achieve greater security with several free security applications than any one paid security application.


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