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What is the best payed Anti-Virus?

What, in your opinion is the best payed Anti-Virus for Windows Vista 64Bit?

Also do you think a Security Suite would be better?

Thank You.

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11 Responses to “What is the best payed Anti-Virus?”

  1. Piers said :

    Eset Smart Security, or Eset Nod32.

  2. myferretrules said :

    Well it isn’t payed for its free but it is better than norton or any other ones out there
    Avast Anti virus
    Google it

  3. BubblyChic said :

    Deffo got to be Norton Internet Security Suite 2009 I have it at home and think it is great! Best Antivirus by far!!

  4. Steve V said :


  5. Mimic. said :

    I have done an assignment on the benchmarking of antiviruses and the best one that thee is, is Kaspersky.

    The best and longgest trials you can use for free is windows one care and Avast.

  6. me said :

    first of all your an idiot for getting x64 bit
    its suicide
    every software is more expensive
    but for home use i would use AVG Internet Security
    or business i would use syntamatic antivirus

  7. GisherJohn said :

    I don’t believe in paying for antivirus suites, I never did. just like I don’t think we should pay for Internet. Anyway. I like AVG, it’s free, and it protects great. Security suites are overhyped, and when you check out the reviews, most are not any better than the free ones. AVG free is a good one. MCAFEE and Norton are coming around, but they are still expensive and the software itself uses up too many resources on your computer and slows it down. As long as you got a good spyware program and antivirus, you’re fine. Microsoft Windows Defender seems decent enough, and adaware is a nice spyware program too. Malwarebytes is also coming around for spyware. For firewall, Windows firewall does the job just fine. Save your money, free will save you some cash, and protect you just the same.

  8. ŘĄŃÐØM°™ said :

    Well Eset Nod32 obviously!

    But the second best (which i use) is Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

    Security Suite – I don’t think you should buy anti-viruses that aren’t very known because they usually aren’t very good.

  9. Patrick W said :

    Hi Daz, for nearly every answer you will get you will have a different “opinion” if you are like me you want “Facts”
    I trust AV-Comparatives, and they actually test these programs thoroughly.
    Kaspersky has often been a top program, and Avira Antivir has improved and won their product of the year 2008.

    From the reviews I would be happy with either of them, but I have used Kaspersky and It’s Great. Download a free 30 day trial and you will see.

    As to your question would a Security “Suite” be better? not necessarily, it depends on the program(s)

  10. Ed G said :
  11. smithy_lfc said :

    ATM from several Antivirus suites i have used NIS 2009 is the best and fastest available.
    Norton has been completely revamped.
    However the is some features that are not available on nis 2009
    (from what i have read)
    – SONAR
    – Right click scanning


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