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What is the best Anti-Virus Software & can we download an Anti-Virus Software?

I used to have Norton Anti virus 2005 which got expired and I don’t even have the cd with me and that’s why I can’t update. Since it’s not updated, my computer’s loaded with new viruses so now I need to format it. I was wondering if I can download and update version, as in, the kind of version which will update automatically once I’ve formatted my PC. Thanks.

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4 Responses to “What is the best Anti-Virus Software & can we download an Anti-Virus Software?”

  1. Aijaz said :

    Hi ! I am using Avira free Antivirus along with Ashampoo free firewall … And its been good …

  2. Masa said :

    Avira and avast are the best ones. Not avg, it has no root kit protection.

  3. TheArfen said :

    do this on-line scan first :
    only if you think you might be infected now.

    i suggest you go and get Avast :

    you can not get a better Antivirus with anti-spyware system for free.
    it has many features you will have to pay for in other systems.

    don’t forget to register or you will only have it for 60 days
    by registering you will get a licence for a full year.
    just re-register at the end of the year to get another one year licence.

    if you do not like the look of Avast
    then microsoft supply a system for free..

    Microsoft Security Essentials :

    the next best free one is Avira

    Avira :

    remember you must only have one antivirus system on your computer at anyone time.

  4. ilknur K said :


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