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What is the best anti virus software to buy?

I have been using my ISP anti virus but would like to purchase my own one can anyone reccommend a good one

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15 Responses to “What is the best anti virus software to buy?”

  1. teeballer2dabone said :

    avg anti-virus

  2. harry said :

    do not buy get free ” avg ” it is good

  3. barn owl said :

    I recommend zone alarm

  4. sweet_trixie_1977 said :

    If you want to go the free route…AVG has a good one. It has alot of really good features.

  5. kkandsons said :

    try grisoft avg , its free and it’s rated one of the best out there .
    i use it for all the computers that come in and out of my computer shop.
    good luck.

  6. hauntedtreehouse said :

    AOL Anti Virus Protection.
    It’s free and very good.
    Did I say it’s free?

  7. rosydog2001 said :

    Trend micro PC-cillin looks after all your pc needs, it has a trial version, so you can see if you like it before you buy.and my pc didnt run slow,also have tried others but pc cillin is the easiest to use.
    all the free antivirus software on web has been of no use to me.

    oh and yes you can buy it online aswell.

  8. LollyMJ said :

    AVG free is great if you can’t afford an expensive virus program. I use it on my home computer.

    If you want to purchase, I suggest McAfee. It not only has a great virus library (that is searchable on their website) but they have some great diagnostic tools to help improve the performance of your computer by finding broken or missing elements.

  9. vapaa e said :
  10. Naren said :

    Well you can go with MCAFEE 2007.It is highly protect able software.It also stops internet access at some times.U better use it if u don’t have internet connection to your PC.

  11. Reenie said :

    You don’t need to purchase anti virus software because you can get good software for free. The AVG free download is the best. You can download it for free here & also get helpful information about spyware/adware, viruses, etc. Have fun!

  12. Neo said :

    bidefender antivirus 10 or f-secure antivirus should be good choice

  13. mocho22 said :

    get avast antivirus home edition which is the full program, for free if you are a home user. you need to register to get youre free serial number. here is the site:

    it has more features than avg and higher detection rates

  14. brianthesnail123 said :

    i unlike alot of users think that free anti-virus software is just as good as some paid for software
    programs like avast( and a.v.g ( are excellent scanners and have kept thousands of users safe while using their p.cs over the internet
    you can also find some excellent trial options,for example computer accosiates(e-trust) do a 6 month trial for their anti-virus as do f-secure, if you plan it right you can get around 2 years of trialware for free,its just a case of uninstalling the previous program and installing the next one,around 5 minutes work
    however if you can apy for protection i would go for software such as f-secure( or kaspersky(,these are the bst anti-virus in my opinion that give you good all round protection without using too much system memory(such as norton/mcafee)
    my personal recommendation
    free ant-virus…..avast
    paid for………….kaspersky
    good luck

  15. Martin B said :

    Avoid McAfee – you get loads of spam and it is difficult to remove.


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