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whats the best free anti virus software?

hiya i am looking for a free anti virus software thats good and i can get for free and will get rid of virus’s. also does anyone know any type of sofware that will make my laptop run faster. (im not good with computer stuff) thanks.

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4 Responses to “whats the best free anti virus software?”

  1. Ο μαλακας ειναι ανικητος said :

    Straight from the maker of windows,fast,light and powerful antivirus

  2. Tom Allen said :


    It’s quite light, so won’t slow down your computer, but has lots of useful features – like webpage monitoring and email monitoring.

    You can download it at

    Hope this helps!

  3. Lynne Griffard said :

    I’ve been quite impressed with Microsoft Security Essentials package. It really has gone from strength to strength since it moved out of beta testing and it’s completely free to users running a genuine Windows OS. The program is reasonably unobtrusive and provides pretty quick and reasonably comprehensive protection from viruses, spyware, rootkits and trojans. In addition, it’s very simple to install and operate.

    Do I use the Microsoft package? Nah – I still run Avira Antivir. it’s slightly less user-friendly than the Microsoft offering, but it does provide thorough, fast, fuss-free protection – and it’s never let me down.

    I’ve also been checking out the free edition of Panda Cloud Antivirus – and very good it is too. It still lacks a scheduler and it’s a bit limited in terms of customization – and to be completely honest I’m not yet ready to trust all my security to The Cloud.

    However, freeing up system resources by putting much of a program’s system-sapping activities in the cloud is a great way to ease the load on your computer. It runs at about 15MB of RAM when idle and a very reasonable 60MB when performing a full scan.

    I suspect Panda Cloud Antivirus is the perfect choice for anybody looking to effectively balance system performance with security on a resource-sensitive netbook and this is exactly where I’ve installed it. It’s perfect for my netbook and I look forward to seeing how it performs over the next few months.

  4. John said :

    AVG has the best free antivirus software. It provides more coverage than Microsofot or any other free software. There is an upgrade for more coverage that you can pay for but I prefer the free version since it works perfectly fine. Here’s the link –


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