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What are some free anti virus and spyware protection software for my windows vista computer?

What are some free Softwares for
Anti Virus & Spyware

For A windows Vista Computer.

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8 Responses to “What are some free anti virus and spyware protection software for my windows vista computer?”

  1. sss08 said :

    AVG anti virus
    Spybot S&D
    You can also use avast anti virus
    You can only use one anti virus at a time
    but you can use several anti spyware for your pc

  2. oscwamu said :
  3. Hamed said :

    I’m working with Vista too,
    For Antivirus,AVG.
    For Spyware,both Ad-aware 2007 and Spybot SD 1.51 are fine and working great.
    to download these programs go to www,

  4. Everett S. said :

    Try out some of these products to remove the viruses they are some of the best products norton takes up 80% of your computer so dont get that.

    Comodo Firewall is very good if you know how to use it. I recommend Zone alarm its free for ever and its very easy to use and it does ask if you want to aprove to open everything, But thats normal.

    Comdo Firewall

    Zone alarm
    Free Forever
    Download Link

    A good anti-spyware would have to be one of the following : Ad-Aware 2007, AVG Anti-Spyware, CWShredder, Spybot Search And Destroy, Windows Defeneder, Spyware Blaster. I am pretty sure all these programs are free forever too.

    Ad-Aware 2007
    Download Link
    This is also free forever

    AVG Anti-Spyware
    Download Link

    Download Link
    This is not free forever

    Spybot Search & Destroy
    Download Link
    On the right hand side should be the green box then click download latest verison

    Windows Defender
    Download link

    Spyware Blaster
    Download Link

    Those are pretty good suggestions. I highly recommend getting ad-aware 2007, you can also get as many anti-spyware downloads as you want only one firewall though.

    All downloads can be found at

    Everett S.

  5. britbloke50 said :

    For antivirus try avg and a great one for spyware is spybot.

  6. Damasta said :

    Tools to Destroy Spyware
    -Spy Sweeper
    -SUPER-Anti Spyware

    Tools to Prevent Spyware
    -Mozilla Firefox(Internet Browser)
    [-AdBlock Plus(Cuts down on 99%of Adware)
    -NoScript(I suggest that you use this if and only if you don’t look ]-Mozilla Upgrades
    at videos or games)
    -Spy Sweeper (It saved my computer from a potential Spyware attacl a few months ago.)
    -Turn off System Restore(From Control Panel)

    I would bet every thing that this would get rid of ALL the crap on your computer. I had
    -4,800 tracking cookies
    -200+ spyware/adware
    -40+ viruses

  7. Evang3lion said :

    Here Is A List Of Some Free Anti-Viruses.
    I’ve Listed The Name, Download Link And Detection Rate To Make
    Your Life Easier.

    Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic:
    94.26% Detection rate

    avast! Home Edition:
    87.46% Detection Rate
    AVG Free Edition:
    82.82%% Detection Rate

    Good Luck ! 🙂

    All Are Vista Compatible And Dont Take Alot Of RAM.

    For Anti-Spyware Protection, You Already have Windows Defender. But Thats Not Enough Consider Installing Another Anti-Spyware i Recommend AVG Anti-Spyware.

    AVG Anti-Spyware
    Its Heaps More Effective Than Spybot And Adaware Combined !
    With A More Powerful Scanner than Spybot And
    8 Times More Signatures Than Ad-Aware, This Anti-Spyware Really Packs A Punch.
    Don’t Be Fooled By The Trial Period.
    For The First 30 Days It’ll Offer Full Protection Such As A Resident Shield.
    After The Trial Period This Will Be Disabled But The Scanner Is Yours For Life.
    So To Be Fully Protected, Scan And Update Atleast Once A Week.

    Download AVG Anti-Spyware Free.

  8. ISH said :

    Good Call. Prevention is better then cure :). AVG is the best free antivirus. However for Spywares, I dont know yet. I have tried a couple, but not a lot of them have worked great for me. Checkout some reviews before you actually try the softwares. Trying / Installing sofwares and then removing them because they are not good, does more bad to your system files then anything else IMHO.


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