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Where can i download a free anti virus software for my new desk top?

I read in a pc magazine about good anti virus/ spam downloads. I did not cut it out and now I am trying to remeber maybe you people can help me.

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10 Responses to “Where can i download a free anti virus software for my new desk top?”

  1. Jimmbo said :
  2. Val said :

    Nod32 >>> Free
    AVG >>> Free

    But I’m not that sure about their virus containing capabilities. i always love Norton.

  3. Gene W said :

    Spybot !!! recommended by numerous independent computer repairmen.

  4. laws_r_good said :

    The 3 best Free Av’s in order are:

    Antivir PE:

    Avast Home:

    AVG Free:

    Try them and see which one you like the best.

  5. Hamed said :

    I would say best free one available these days is Mcafee from AOL,

  6. bajaricky said :

  7. vicentillo29 said :

    ad-ware se personal the best free antivirus for spyware spyware terminator the best and free too

  8. Evang3lion said :

    Here Is A List Of Some Free Anti-Viruses.
    I’ve Listed The Name, Download Link And Detection Rate.

    AVG Free Edition:
    82.82%% Detection Rate

    Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic:
    94.26% Detection rate

    avast! Home Edition:
    87.46% Detection Rate

    Good Luck ! 🙂

  9. Gary K said :

    I’ve cataloged a variety of free packages on my site:

    Look under “Security” for the Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and Firewall products.

  10. bad_bob got suspended said :

    All of these answers are good but remember to only use 1 at a time cuz they can conflict with each other unlike anti-spyware.


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