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What is the best FREE anti-virus, firewall and internet protection software?

Is the firewall on windows enough? can anyone advise as to the best free anti virus software, and internet protection software, or is it a case of you get what you pay for? some of the subscriptions are expensive to say the least. Any help would be greatfuly recieved

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12 Responses to “What is the best FREE anti-virus, firewall and internet protection software?”

  1. harrybapty said :

    This site gives a list of most of the best free security software listed under anti-virus, anti-spyware etc down the left nav.

    personally I’ve had a lot of luck with superantispyware and avast as they seem to hog less resources and are pretty reliable. Avast require your email address to register, but that is no biggy.

  2. Pete said :
  3. owsleyskid said :

    AVG free antivirus and ZoneAlarm free firewall. I’ve been using them for years with no intrusions or infections. After you install Zonealarm, turn off your Windows firewall or you’ll have trouble reconnecting to the internet.
    AVG Free

  4. Update said :

    Finding a good anti virus has always been a problem for me too.
    I recently suffered a major anti virus 2009 infection. I couldn’t use my computer for days. I tried every thing to get rid of it, but no matter what I did, it just kept coming back stronger. I was so stressed out after spending multiple days trying to remove the spyware with no luck. I gave up and decided to throw in the towel. I called geek squad. They came and looked at my computer, but wanted $300 to fix it. I really didn’t have that much, so I told them I couldn’t afford to fix it at this time. The technician must have seen the frustration I was going through. Because he pulled me aside and told me how I could fix it for under $60.

    He told me to go to

    So I checked into it, and found the best product, AdwareAlert is also capable of removing Trojans.

    I quickly downloaded AdwareAlert and scanned my computer. It removed my malware infection, and also a couple spyware infections I didn’t even know I had.

    It has kept my computer running fast, and spyware free for a couple of months now. I highly recommend it.
    I would suggest you give it a shot. It worked for me. So you really can’t lose.

  5. >>Yamaha R1<< said :

    This is a good suite which is easy to use it’s by Comodo, it give’s you a Firewall, Antivirus and an Anti Malware all in one download and its free……

  6. B said :

    Personally I use Avast! Antivirus.

    I installed it on a few of my friend’s computers, and they say it’s better than Norton and AVG put together!

    I used to have Norton, but it got annoying and expensive. After I while, my brother found Avast! Figured it was worth a change, and it’s fine. It updated every time you turn your computer on, and it’s completely free.

    You get a 90 day trial, then you have to sign up and get your free Home licence code.

  7. nick said :

    You get what you pay for but most people get by with the free versions.
    AVG & Avast are both good – use one but not both. I prefer Avast. Spybot is good. If you have a broadband connection you already have a firewall in your router. You don’t need another.

    If you must, then Zone Alarm is pretty good.

  8. Daniel said :

    I would say the best anti-virus software would be the McAfee program. Some people say Norton but Norton has lots of ways to get around. For Firewall I would stick with windows firewall if you have windows if not download it. Well Internet protection I would get McAfee for this to. McAfee is a complete source and makes sure you have nothing bad on you computer.

  9. franke said :

    avg and spybot they are both free.

    go to

  10. Soccer Dave Win Securer said :

    You can protect a PC very effectively for free, you should always install a firewall and have anti-virus software installed and running before browsing the net, its also a good idea to scan the PC with additional anti-spyware software such as Malwarebytes once a week, all the security software you need is available completely free, these are often better then the paid for software such as Mcafee, below are links to excellent free software, download and use all 5 to fully protect your PC.

    Avast Home Edition: (anti-virus)

    Comodo Pro: (firewall)


    Mozilla Firefox:

    WOT (web of trust) Add-On:

    Install the WOT add-on it is a free internet security add-on for your browser. It will keep you safe from online scams, identity theft, spyware, spam, viruses and unreliable shopping sites. WOT warns you before you interact with a risky website. It’s easy and it’s free.

    NOTE: Avast works for 60 days from installation after which you will need to register to get your free product key which is valid for a year after which you get another free key, so it always free.

  11. Ricky B said :

    – COMODO Firewall-
    – Online Armor Firewall-

    – Avira AntiVir-
    – Avast Home Edition-

    OnDemand Scanners (do monthly scans, to pick up stuff that the antivirus may miss)
    – MalwareBytes AntiMalware-
    – SuperAntiSpyware-

  12. DiscussNY said :

    I use the Avast! virus software and the ZoneAlarm free firewall.


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