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What free anti virus protection is the best?

I was wondering what is the best free anti virus protection out there, I have used AVG but dont really care for it, Is avast good? Thanks

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6 Responses to “What free anti virus protection is the best?”

  1. Sexy Scottish Kool Aid Man said :
  2. Raymond B said :

    I have had AVG for a number of years – it is a great free Anti Virus program.
    Very dedicated people behind it.

    Also Zone Alarm firewall

    Recommended by an IT Engineer

  3. Moses said :

    there are (i think so ) three good free anti virus softwares.they are AVG free, avira antivirus,and avast antivirus.
    AVG has more features but it is slightly heavy on resources.
    but AVG has both anti virus and anti spyware.

    avast is the most light antivirus in the trio and perhaps the best antivirus it is good even in low end systems.
    but u will need addition software like good firewall and software to scan links.

    is same as AVG sometime more godd sometimes more bad

    as far as i am concerned i like AVG because of its good features and ease of use.

  4. maxgt1 said :

    I like clamwin it’s light on resources and unobtrusive unlike many that have been mentioned
    but have a look at this list for a better view

  5. Noah said :

    I have Avast and Avira running simultaneously and it works great. Never ever had problems with viruses. Avira runs in real time with means it searches for malicious activity. AVG is not a good program. It hogs up system resources and if you don’t have very much ram (like 512 mb) it will make you system run slow.

  6. Bader said :

    Avast home edition working with Spybot is the best!!!!!!!!!
    download here:


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