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The best free anti virus and spyware protection?

my pc is runing very slowly so i need some free anti virus and anti spyware protection. They need to be free preferably. Thanks!

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17 Responses to “The best free anti virus and spyware protection?”

  1. SDWILD said :

    AVG outdid Norton because it found viruses after I had run Norton.

  2. homersimpson9000 said :


  3. oday n said :

    AVg is the best free one, but kaspersky is the best one!

  4. The Big Fella said :


  5. Lilporkchop said :

    i have malwarebytes
    its free and its the best product in my opinion

    Spybot Search & Destroy is also good but the TeaTimer gets really annoying with all the pop ups and confirmation of certain “unsafe” apps

  6. expansionsw said :

    I would recommend these from

    AVG – free version
    Ad-aware – be sure to run scans regularly
    SpyBot Search & Destroy

    That would be ONE STOP SHOPPING for FREE to get these highly rated tools.

    Good luck

  7. Det said :

    personally my favorite is AVG go to:

  8. MS said :

    AVG by far!!! It does a fabulous job! Strongly recommended!!


  9. sweety16 said :

    avg is the best free 1 i know becuz i had it but it ran out of date but it lasted a preety long time

  10. tempo1 said :

    Firstly, Avoid an anti-virus called AVG (free version). It is wildly popular with children and the computer illiterate but has historically had the lowest virus detection rate of all the popular free anti-virus programs.

    For good computer security you need to do 4 things.

    1. Run a firewall.

    2. Use a good anti-virus with real-time protection.

    3. Do a regular scan with a dedicated anti-spyware,

    4. Keep Windows and all your other installed software, 100% updated and patched with all important and security updates.

    My recommendations:

    1. For the home user of XP or Vista, Windows Firewall is adequate, even more so if one is using a router, which is a very good firewall in itself. Make sure your Windows Firewall is turned “on”.

    2. For your Anti-Virus……(Always use only 1 A-V…You must NEVER use more than one anti-virus, Even an expired anti-virus can cause a major conflict…did I mention that you MUST uninstall any and all, old anti-virus products?)

    I would suggest Avast, the newest version 4.8. Avast now includes anti-virus, some anti-spyware capability and anti-rootkit components. And all for the low low price of free. You can get it here:

    3. For your Anti-Adware and Anti-Spyware needs…

    They have a free version.

    4. Use Secunia PSI to insure that all your software is kept always updated and patched against vulnerabilities that are often exploited to compromise computers. Very important.

    Its free as is everything else here. Saving cash these days is important!

  11. randyandy09 said :

    avg by far the best and it free

  12. Goku B said :


  13. b'stardoh said :

    AVG is the best Free anti-virus and spyware protection. I’ve been using it for quite some time. It is excellent. You can even set it so that it detects any unwanted crap the moment you visit a site online. Everytime I visit Yahoo it tries to stab my PC with one of their tag things, but AVC dumps it right into the boiling oil trough – done and dead.

    For a FREE AVC anti-virus etc

  14. madmosh_uk said :

    First of all, note that if you *do* have spyware or viruses already on your system they may prevent you visiting web sites to download software to get rid of them. If this is the case, download them on another machine *ALONG WITH ALL UPDATES* and copy them to a CD/memory stick for installation on your own PC.

    AVG now includes both antivirus and antispyware in their free product. Some people still swear by Avast, though. [link below takes you to the download page – it’s a pain to find the free version as they try to swerve you towards the paid-for one]

    Spybot Search and Destroy is a good tool as well, but the “TeaTimer” real-time protection can get annoying after a while. Has an excellent home page with tutorials.

    Spyware Blaster is definitely worth a download. It patches holes in your system to help prevent you downloading spyware accidentally. Run it once a week, download and apply updates. Easy. Similar to the Immunize function on S&D, but no harm in running both.

    Spyware Terminator is also another nice lightweight product that does realtime scanning.

    In addition, get a decent software firewall. Windows’ inbuilt one just doesn’t cut it. ZoneAlarm is my one of choice, but again there are other freeware ones out there [same as with AVG – link below takes you to download for free version].

  15. MICHAEL D said :

    There is no good free ones thats why they are free.

  16. Michael A said :

    Best free antivirus:

    AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition can be described as the most popular free antivirus worldwide. Probably the greatest feature is the free charge for this antivirus. It is free to use for the life of the product. Another great thing is the fast virus update database which also are available for the lifetime of this antivirus. Millions of users are using this antivirus and they trust this great software. AVG antivirus is free and it won’t slow down a computer like other similar products and it is one of the few antivirus software that requires low system resources.

    Best free anti-spyware:

    Adware files, Trojans and many malware types are being detected with Spybot Search & Destroy. This is a classic antispyware, anti adware tool that has become a well known product for users who fight against all kinds of online threats. It allows you to fix the Windows Registry inconsistencies, to be more specific – it is fixing the inconsistencies that are related to malicious applications that you are installing and adware.

  17. UsbFaster said :

    When I have a question abt a anti-spyware/adware/malware/trojan software i always visit:
    there they have listed allmost all the best softwares, their features, and comparisons to other related substitutes

    the best anti-spyware really fast plus very effective. first in topten list of above site. u can get all of its features on the site.
    And all can free download.
    have a nice NO spyware day!


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