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Where can i get free anti virus software?

Where? I used to use AVG, but now it says i have to pay for it. So i uninstalled it, tried to reinstall, and it says i still have to pay if i want to keep it. What’s oging on here? Can someone give me a link to a free anti virus software?

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6 Responses to “Where can i get free anti virus software?”

  1. Brett P said :

    Here you go…

  2. Aaron R said :

    Avast Antiviris, link in sources

    Sometimes is pays to buy Norton 360 v2 or other top line antivirs

  3. hitsugaya toushirou said :

    OK i recommand you getting AVAST! free home edition OR AVIRA ANTIVIR FREE EDITION both are free and great to use.

  4. Lasiaf said :
  5. Vishesh said :

    Avira Personal(free)

  6. KROFS said :

    Gizmo’s Freeware: Best Free Anti-Virus Software


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