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What do you think of people who say that Anti virus companies are the ones creating malware?

& putting it on peoples computers just to keep themselves in business ?

And no i am not talking about rogue anti virus software , i’m talking about the people who say big companies like norton and avg for example are doing this ?

Are these people completely paranoid ? and barking up the wrong tree ? or maybe onto something ?

By the way this is not my view i am just wondering what you people think of these beliefs .

Thank you

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7 Responses to “What do you think of people who say that Anti virus companies are the ones creating malware?”

  1. tmasterslayer said :

    I think that it’s a possibility. More likely than not though people create malware and virus’ and then sell the antidote to the company to keep them in business. I don’t think that the anti-visus companies make the virus’ themselves.

  2. Jimmy Gibbs Jr. said :

    I think this is stupid, If they did this then you wouldn’t get viruses without them. This is simply a myth, much like how mountain dew and laptops kill your sperm count. Don’t believe things unless someone has proof to back it up.

  3. Jro said :

    i think they are Right maybe because im one of those persons whenYou have a business you have to make it grow and every time a company like thas gives you a horrible new internet virus be sure that they are gonna release a new anti-virus version with that virus update

  4. ¤ The King ¤ said :

    There the people working there behinds off JUST to keep our computer protected. The people creating viruses are the people who have too much time on their hands.

  5. Person said :

    Maybe at the beginning but now there are so many malware creators it would be a waste of time and money.

  6. incomitatus said :

    Actually these companies are just taking advantage of the virus and spyware plagues that have expanded exponentially over the last few years. The funny thing is that if computer users would just follow a few standard rules of self defense the problem of viruses could probably be cut in half. Many viruses are spread by unknowing and inexperienced users who frequent insecure sites or open insecure email.

  7. Don said :

    there was the day when they did at least some of them did thats ok i said it was alright…as for now there is no need with the millions of software writers out there with their governments approval and those who do it for money/fun/to satisfy their deviance the door was open and america led the way and now that way is the norm so be it shields up…


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