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Anti virus software free online download?

I really need a anti virus software that is free, and i can download online. I don’t want it to just scan though i need it to get rid of the virus too, please help me!

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10 Responses to “Anti virus software free online download?”

  1. Spenser said :

    AVG Free 9. That’s a good one to use. I do.

  2. Tony said :

    Microsoft Security Essentials provides real-time protection for your home PC that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.

  3. ReneV said :

    If you have a legit copy of Windows XP, Vista or 7, you can go download Microsoft Security Essentials @ It’s great and it’s free,

  4. ikeman32 said :
  5. bealiebum said :

    DONT GET A FREE ONE… they will send you a virus to make you buy a full version or will steal your info…. my little brother got a free one and it happened to him…

  6. Tatum said :


  7. cgramer2 said :

    Either Avast! Free Edition or AVG 9 Free are very good and should be able to get rid of your virus. In case the issue with your system is malware (adware or spyware), give Ad-Aware a try as well (it’s free, too).

    Good luck! Links in Source(s).

  8. Kris said :

    look at lavasoft’s “adaware”. i don’t know if that’s considered “antivirus”. but it does scan your pc for and let you know about viruses… it’s free, check it out.

  9. dhonnachain said :


  10. Vinster said :

    Two best Free anti virus softwares are Avast

    and Avira .

    Any one of those two will protect you online .

    You should also download and use malwarebytes anti malware and scan with it once a week to make sure your anti virus software didnt miss anything .


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