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What is the best free anti virus software?

What is the best free anti virus software?
I’d like to know if there are some really good free anti virus programs available, or if the best ones are only for sale, what are they?

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4 Responses to “What is the best free anti virus software?”

  1. sandy said :

    avast home edition its free and very good get at

  2. Kenneth said :

    I use a three step combination: Avira Antivirus(rated better than Kaspersky), Zone Alarm Firewall, and Malewarebytes for removal of malware or spyware. These are all free.

  3. StrangeBirdie - said :

    I agree about Avira too. It protects my computer better than registered Nod32 before.

  4. Reload said :

    antivirus tips and antivirus download:


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