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where could i get a very good pc anti virus download?

hello guys!! could you tell me the legal and safe sites to download free anti virus software?? thanks!

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5 Responses to “where could i get a very good pc anti virus download?”

  1. AstroBlocker said :
  2. Joey said :

    Microsoft Security Essentials is a rather good one. It’s made by Microsoft (the same people who made Windows and Office), runs rather fast, and is free.

    That is generally the one I recommend for people when I work on their computers. It also has earned positive reviews and praise from several online technology sites such as Ars Technica.

  3. JoeCamelMe said :
  4. hmmm said :

    I agree w/ Joey, I use MS Security of all my personal computers and am in the process of installing it on 32 workstations in a federally funded facility. It’s free and provides you with the most up to date virus definitions.

  5. Sattamander said :

    There is no reason not to have one since there are numerous free ones out there that work just as good, (if not better) than the ones you have to pay for. Here are three from which to choose from:

    AVG Free:

    and make SURE you keep the virus definitions up to date.


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