What is the best free anti-virus and firewall software to get?

I have heard that sometimes, free anti-virus software is better than paid for stuff. So i was wondering, which is the best free one so that I can compare it to the one I currently have and see if I would be better off getting a free anti-virus or firewall software.

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17 Responses to “What is the best free anti-virus and firewall software to get?”

  1. richard_beckham2001 said:

    Avg- anti-virus
    Zone Alarm – Firewall

  2. Spypen said:

    AVG for antivirus
    zonealarm for firewall

    google them

  3. YAMI said:

    avg anti virus is free and regularly updated
    windows firewall comes with windows and is perfectly adequate.

  4. alicepears said:

    AVG antivirus & spyware with firewall.

    Free for home users, automatic updates.

    Never ever had a problem and I’m a home PC user. I’d recommend it and it’s recommended by many PC magazines.

    Find it here;

  5. Kaynos said:

    Avast is free, been using it for sometimes and i like it. It gets updated every 2-3 days.

  6. angler said:

    Go to File Hippo and click on them to read up on.You don’t say what you have on.If it’s Norton that slows you down If it’s McAfee
    it’s good.But you can get security and more from that site.

  7. Northman said:

    The website link below gives an honest non profit review of the best free anti-virus and other freeware programs.

  8. Tahi P said:

    type avast into google its the best i think it makes you computer run real fast and stops all viruses an automatically updates its self. its free and you will have to type a registration code into it but the code is free as well

  9. Physics-Student said:

    This is the best:


    For Firewall, I suggest use Windows XP’s because it is the best. Also, your broadband modem/router might also have built in firewall and this should also be turned on.

    Hope this helps.

  10. Kiman said:

    Use Norton Security System or AVG Anti-Virus software. They’re both great choices & they’re inexpensive. Try ’em out!

  11. stormydays said:

    AVG anti virus from http://www.grisoft.com

    I cant recommend any firewall because they cause more problems than not having them…so i am a bit anti

  12. <> said:

    well whoever suggests AVG or AVAST are simply novice with virus protection .. if you go to http://www.av-comparatives.org .. you will see that according to tests .. they failed badly.. AVG has only 75% detection rate and avast around teh border line of 77%… i used to use both .. and laot of nasties got through.. what i would suggest for a good FREE antivirus is avira (antivir) you can get it at http://www.antivir.com there is a paid version that includes an antispyware with it… anyhow as far as firewalls go .. i would suggest comodo ( it passed not most but all leak tests)- i did use zonealarm and trust it comodo blows it away… http://www.comodo.com (its free) .. as for spyware protection i use spywareterminator.com … its froma company called crawler .. it has live protection.. and up2date defenition files .. also its free .. and beats teh hell outta adaware 2007 (that became bloatware) and the crappy spybot that doesnt even have live protection… so there u go i gave u.. what i use .. and strongly recommend. 🙂

  13. Gabriel B said:

    Try AVG or Avast Anti-virus and the Windows Firewall for me works.

  14. curtis s said:

    AVG is the best of the FREE Anti-viruses. But NOD32 is way better, it cost some but you get what you paided for. As to firewalls zonealarm will be adequate for the home user.

  15. xtremecoder said:

    it’s norton!

  16. captain3249 said:

    AVIRA antivirus, COMODO firewall

  17. pugie said:

    go to a-v compararitives.org and check Aug.2007 results avira and avg are the 2 best free ones in that order.best firewalls are comodo or zone alarm


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