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Which is better avast free anti virus or comondo antivirus or comondo firewall?

I am looking for a good anti virus male-ware and spyware program. I was thinking avast free anti virus or comodo. Which comodo should I get? Or is advast better?

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4 Responses to “Which is better avast free anti virus or comondo antivirus or comondo firewall?”

  1. Gabriel Arriola said :

    neither, kaspersky internet security is THE best.

  2. Reject Dogma said :

    Avast is a better anti-virus, but Comodo offers a Firewall.

    If you must get something free, your best bet would be to get Microsoft Security Essentials.

  3. michael s said :

    Kaspersky is not the best…Avast has it beat by a few percentage points….

    Use Avast for your anti-virus product…and use Comodo as your firewall….an alternate would be zonealarm…..

  4. Joshua said :

    Why get free avast when you can get avast internet security? its better than pro, if you get avast, download this

    You need winrar from to open it
    The file is called License file by ZeeTY. extract it to where you can get to it easily
    open avast, go to maintenance and choose subscriptions. click insert licence file and choose License file by ZeeTY

    theres avast free, then avast pro, then avast internet security. with this file you get it FREE!! it works 100% Tested myself


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