What is the best anti-virus available on a Windows platform?

Hello there.

I was just wondering which anti-virus/anti-malware/anti-etc software package is worth downlaoding. Which one is the best on the market?

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6 Responses to “What is the best anti-virus available on a Windows platform?”

  1. Wemaster said:
  2. paulrb8 said:

    Kaspersky is by far the Best, Norton slows the system down and fills it with junk…Windows one live care is ok, then goes Wrong after a while.
    all the Free ones (except avast!) miss things and are below par.

  3. Mary said:

    Kaspersky is the best. It’s worth the purchase and you can get it from


  4. peek said:

    If you download;
    AVG Free
    Spybot Search + Destroy

    in that order(Ad-Aware and S+D conflict if other way round) and keep them up to date you’ll not get any problems. I’ve been running them for years and they’ve caught everything nasty before damage could be done. Best of all they’re free

  5. webjnke1 said:

    I use AVG Free, and I haven’t had a single problem with it. If you do have a virus Malwarebytes works great. But I haven’t had one since using AVG

    both are at download.com

  6. the rocker said:

    The best free anti-virus programme is AVG 8.0 and its a free download once download loaded install it and follow on screen instructions but make sure you have no other anti-virus running if you do uninstall this first.


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