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What is the best anti-virus could i have you’re opinion’s plz?

I am asking this because i am sick of downloading crap anti virus

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14 Responses to “What is the best anti-virus could i have you’re opinion’s plz?”

  1. Sumomo said :

    Nod32 or Avast.

    Otherwise for businesses, go for McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i

  2. Evan S said :


  3. justin l said :

    Trend Micro

  4. bioniccommando78 said :

    AVG Free – you can’t beat it (especially because it’s free and has daily updates).

  5. gregger1966 said :

    this is a matter of personal opinion..I use the free home version of avast..I find the boot time scan to be a very valuable virus removal tool and the best part of that is that’s it’s part of the set-up….has worked like a charm for me….cheers

  6. JEFF A said :

    i also agree with avg free version

  7. novanoveu said :

    Payed: NOD32
    Free: AVG + ThreatFire

  8. Drive.4.Five--->Jeff.Gordon said :

    I would say NOD32, McAfee 2008, and Ad-Aware 2008

  9. J G said :

    AVG Free, no question: It goes on every machine I sell (Just removed the crap trial of Norton from a new laptop & installed AVG 8)

  10. c_toohill said :

    mcafee is good ,but not free

  11. smifson2008 said :

    I Have zone alarm… but i dont know if thats an anti-virus thing…

    i think it is

    try it

  12. D R said :

    The best in my opinion is Norton 360 you have to pay for it, but set up properly It’s the best on the market and it gives you all round protection.

  13. Michael D said :

    This all depends on your budget and your level of secruity needed.

    Business Anti-Virus: Trend-Micro
    Business Anti-Spyware: Trend Micro
    Reason?: Trend Micro has been known for its business compatibility. Praised by a lot of businesses for the high level of secruity in the professional version.

    Home Anti Virus: Trend-Micro
    Home Anti-Spyware: Ca-Anti-Spyware
    Reason: Trend Micro is great for finding viruses but it lacks in a simple edition in spyware. CA is amazing at finding spyware and malware. And Ca scans at a high quality speed.

    School(overall): Ca
    Reason: Ca is great for all computers

    Those are my choices =)

  14. special magic said :

    i hear the CIA and and NSA have excellent systems, other than that probably nod32 which will cost you, you really don’t need it, avira is an excellent program.


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