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What are the best anti virus, anti spyware, internet security and registry cleaners?

at the mo i have avg 8.0 full as my anti virus/security, reg mechanic + reg easy as cleaners and webroot spy sweeper. are there any other essential/good programs i should have

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13 Responses to “What are the best anti virus, anti spyware, internet security and registry cleaners?”

  1. ROB said :
  2. Worldly25 said :

    I have McAfee handle it all on my desktop and laptop. Since I do not understand much it pays to use a company that immediately responds to my problems

  3. Jack Bauer said :

    AVG 8.0 is pretty much the best out there (Heck, the free version is pretty darn good!).

    However, NOD32 is the best.

    Don’t get something like McAfee or Norton. (Actually, many rumors are going around that Norton makes more then 20% of all known viruses out there. My Uncle used to work for that company, he left because of there dishonesty.)

  4. cybermonkey26 said :

    i use kaspersky 2009 and have had not a single problem!!!

  5. Kusum said :

    The best free antivirus is Avast. The best paid antivirus is Kaspersky. The best antispyware is Spyware doctor. The best firewall is comodo, but it takes time to learn and get more out of it. For ease, use Zone Alarm firewall. The best registry cleaner is Ccleaner. Cheers!

  6. Kui Jai said :

    I have been told that Kaspersky is very good; better than many other knwon brands albeit I haven’t tried it myself. I am waiting for my subscription to Norton to finish first.
    My brother uses NOD32. He is quite happy with it.

  7. Debu said :

    For your antivirus,I would suggest Avira Free Edition.It has a detection rate of 99% and the best Proactive Defense.You can download it from is a good registry and junk files cleaning programme.Use a good firewall like Comodo or Zonealarm.For an antispyware,use SuperAntispyware.It is the most thorough scanner on the market.They have a free version.Also use sandboxie.It is a tool which prevents any malware from being installed on your computer.Don’t forget to backup your PC.Norton Ghost is the Best.Also use Firefox as your browser.

  8. nature l said :

    for registry cleaner, recommend pc optimizer:

  9. Tarmizi R said :

    All the programs that you have are already suffiecient.

    For free anti virus, my personal favorite is Avast

    For Anti Spyware / Adware / Trojans/ Rogue Software my preferrence is Lavasoft Ad-Aware AE

    General malware detector and removal tool, Dr Web Cure It I can depend on

  10. CHRIS said :

    The nice part about a free download is that you don’t have to keep it after you have run it to check your system.

    I have always had great luck with SUPERAntispyware.

    I also agree with the assessment of AVG 8.0 as an excellent and free security program download. It tunes right into your computer and does a beautiful job. I can even understand it.

    My other favorite is of course CCleaner. That is made by a British company, Piriform and works great. I would be one more person of millions who would give it the ***** five star rating I feel it deserves. It keeps my computer purring nicely.

  11. Pisrut rut said :
  12. mattyspurs76 said :

    What you have got now is ok.

    I would add to the list malwarebytes anti-malware and also NCleaner which is like CCleaner but has more options, i highly recommend it as since ive used it i dont use CCleaner anymore and we all know how good CCleaner is!!

    Spyware – id add superantispyware as its a good free program and has a realtime scanner which many free programs dont have, its best to have at least 2 anti-spyware programs, fingers crossed if one program misses something then the other/s will pick it up.

    Spywareblaster – Cracking programme, try it out….it does what it says (and free)

    Advanced Windows Care is a good all round cleaner aswell (again, its free)

    If you add all of these with yor existing software i feel as if you would have a good set of essential programs.

  13. Cnanma said :

    When i have a question abt a anti-spyware software i always visit:
    there they have listed allmost all the softwares, their features, and comparisions to other related substitutes

    the best anti-spyware i av seen yet is webroot spyware. its lite and really fast plus very effective. first in topten list of above site. u can get all of its features on the site.

    have a nice NO spyware day!


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