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best anti virus to use that doesnt eat up memory?

Ok what is the best anti virus to use that doesnt eat up computer memory? i was using avast and it used up a lot of memory..and made this horrible sound in the computer… any other good ones out there?

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12 Responses to “best anti virus to use that doesnt eat up memory?”

  1. Me187 said :

    avira would be perfect for you and it’s free. woohoo

  2. Tom E said :

    Spybot search and destroy is quite good for spyware

  3. Jajo said :

    I agree with ME187 Avira is the best for you. I use it and have found it to be the lightest and best at reacting to and finding viruses:-

  4. Sly_Old_Mole said :

    The lightest is not free its Eset Nod32, the lightest which is free is Avira (lighter than Avast or AVG).

  5. logitech said :

    Avast ftw!!:D

  6. Dsm Publishing said :

    I love norton and since using it ive never had a virus and im currently using a laptop with a low memory and it doesnt use up that much and wouldnt swap it for anything.

  7. [_Lightning_] said :

    i think norton antivirus 2009
    as far as i know norton 2009 product lineups
    is very light

  8. bigaa said :

    AVG is now gettinf really gud and also for a lower price and they dont eat money its very effective

  9. Setyaeas said :

    AVG Free is good choice but kernel file in memory is so big
    AVAST also is good one with smaller kernel file than AVG.
    spybot search and destroy, its one of the best free spyware removal programs.

  10. Noname said :

    im using Nod32 for my antivirus and Spybot search and destroy for my antispyware and zone alarm for my firewall and there is no problem regarding the speed and memory consumption on my system.

  11. elowcomputer said :

    best anti virus that wont eat up memory
    bit defender 09
    kaspersky 09
    norton internet security 09
    norton 360v2

    AVG SUCKS weak firewall then sometimes it doesnt detect virus.

  12. KONSTANCE H said :

    its a mistake to assume that an anti virus eats up your RAM the programme is just that a programme when or if its loaded at the start of run of windows it will use what is allotted for that programme, and the programme will not eat RAM if the cycle is running the computer may not be able to process instructions.

    secondly i would be concerned why your downloading fake or freebie software, since the type of fake software can actually be more harmful than useful.


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