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What is the best anti virus to use for my computer?

Please help me, I just really want to have an anti virus which I can download in the internet for free and without expiration. Thanks.

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10 Responses to “What is the best anti virus to use for my computer?”

  1. [email protected]/semperfi!! said :

    AVG is free n good!

  2. blizz356 said :

    AVG Free has worked great for me for many years.

  3. caleb said :

    I use AVG, the free addition. It’s really good.

  4. Harley Drive said :

    free AVg has no rootkit detector and poor virus detection according to ALL the surveys. Try Avira antivir, Comodo(with a free firewall included) or avast all are good. AVG used to be about the best but isnt any more.

  5. Sandra said :

    dont listen to those guys avg is crap use avira or avast both are very good choose one get from

  6. gemakie said :

    I’ve started installing avast! anti-virus whenever someone in the family asks me to fix or check their computer.
    Personally I like it because once it’s installed and registered you will probably forget it’s even there, no nag screens, no visible ‘I’m updating myself’ pop ups, it just runs in the background, keeping itself up to date, checking for viruses and consuming very little resources.

    As for the registration, it’s free for personal use and it basically just asks for your email address and name and only uses those once to send you the registration code. They don’t send you any spam, newsletters or anything, so your email is safe with them.

    Compared to that, I some less pleasant experiences with AVG anti-virus in the past…

  7. Quenby said :

    I suggest kasper sky …………

  8. DC said :

    Defiantly AVG!

  9. Blair said :

    Such programs like Avira, Avast and AVG Free are anti viruses. You can choose anything that you like that you think what suites you. You can also ask your computer provider if what anti virus you can use to your computer. They know what suites you.

  10. justme said :

    I use AVG, free and its treating my pc well so far


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