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Do I need internet connection if i download a anti virus software?

I currently don’t have internet connection because of short of money. When I did. I seemed to have downloaded a virus in my computer. Windows installer keeps blinking on and off. I have used a spyware and malaware software that was already installed previously, but neithr can get rid of the problem. Any help I will take. Thank you to all that reply.

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5 Responses to “Do I need internet connection if i download a anti virus software?”

  1. loveyoux said :

    you need internet to download anything :L but if you buy the disk you dont 🙂

  2. darren w said :

    yes you need to be connected, however you can use the connection your using now with this post to download and save to a disc if its not your own connection

  3. Wuppie said :

    Downloading (anti-virus) software ALWAYS means that you need an internet connection (or else it wouldn’t be called downloading).
    You can also buy anti-virus software in a shop, if you really can’t get a connection. Just make sure the software you’re buying is the one your looking for. When buying this software it tends to be expensive (for you it must be, if you can’t afford an internet connection)

  4. sumanta c said :

    to download an antivirus u must hv an internet connection but u can ask ur frnds to share their antivirus software or can ask them to download it for u ,
    u can also buy original version of any antivirus from ur nearest retailer

  5. Neil Benders said :

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