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what is the best free anti virus i can download off the internet?

could any1 tell me the best free anti virus protection plz, i need one. could you also include the website, cheers

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12 Responses to “what is the best free anti virus i can download off the internet?”

  1. Mike L said :

    AVG is the best. You can download 7.5 free which picks up every virus that’s ever been thrown at it. It will detect viruses even in compressed files, while you’re downloading them, and has an email scanner built in. Not bad for free! The virus definitions get updated AT LEAST once a day. So you’re always getting top of the line protection.

  2. jdelforge_pcpro said :


  3. Billy James said :


  4. kicking__it said :


  5. Georgiaboy17 said :

    AVG Go to to download it.

  6. jibbarjabar said :

    AVG is crap!

    For your anti-virus needs, I would strongly recommend Avira AntiVir® PersonalEdition Classic. It has excellent heuristics, a virus detection rate that is better than most “paid-for” anti-virus programs and is light on using your computer’s resources. Uses less then 10 MB RAM on my machine. And did I mention that it’s free for life! Works great on my Vista box, too.

    Download here:

    Avoid the free version of an anti-virus called AVG, it has horrible virus detection capibilities.


  7. Steve said :

    AVG was voted the best in the latest AntI Virus reviews.

    Read reviews and tips and download links..

  8. geek said :

    I recommend you to follow this link it will give you the best choices based o their reviews and trials on the lab.

    This is another combination recently posted at
    Comodo firewall+avira antivir+spyware terminator all of them are free and are excellent choices. I only add spywareblaster to that combo.

  9. prathyusha j said :

    AVG is considered to be the best ,u got many websites ,u can try any one of them

  10. jcurrieii said :

    Which ever one you choose…

    Avoid AVGFree at ALL costs!!!

    My apologies…Hackers and Virus witers LOVE AVGFree.

  11. (*.*) sehana said :

    i use avg along with 2 others

  12. MINDDOCTOR said :

    In my spare time I am a beta tester for all antivirus/antispyware and other new software.

    I would recommend Avira from Germany there free for home personal use. Rated as good as Karpersky Russia & NOD32.

    I put this antivirus in a friends’s computer as she had over 500 trojan viruses from using “facebook”. This software removed them all on the first scan with a reboot.

    Minddoctor, France


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