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Is there a good anti virus to download for free?

I have mcafee for free as I have just got sky broadband but it says my computer is at risk as i dont have anti virus.
it says that i need a membership option at £10 a year for avast is this right?

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10 Responses to “Is there a good anti virus to download for free?”

  1. Daniel D said :
  2. you'llneverwalkalone said :

    yeah wipe mcafee off your com it crap

    and get avira or avast

    you will need a spyware too

    and a good firewall zonealarm or onlinearmor

  3. Lynie J said :

    I’ve used Avast for a while now,it’s better (in my opinion) than AVG and it’s free

  4. Zeusum said :

    Avast is free and very good. I have been using it for 2 years.

  5. aniketrulez said :

    Read these 3497 results and then come back again:;_ylt=Avr707Zd9zbtE646wseVuzJ27hR.;_ylv=3?p=Is+there+a+good+anti+virus+to+download+for+free

  6. Ryan Staniforth said :

    i have avg free edition and that works fine for me.

  7. malcolm b said :

    I have been using Avast free download anti-virus programme for 5 years and think its miles better than Nortons or Macafee

  8. Christopher Charles Taylor said :

    Presumably you are running Windows system?

    If so; then a free and light-weight solution would be Clamwin available from

    A more robust solution would be Comodo; which is a little more resource intensive; however it includes a suite of products which have been benchmarked and proven to be reliable – available from

    I run Ubuntu linux and use KlamAV. I’ve no knowledge of anti-virus products for Mac products although I’m sure there are few out there. PS – Don’t believe the hype regarding Mac users not requiring an AV product – their arrogance has ensured the ‘community’ is working towards one!

    Kind Regards;


  9. bethaym said :

    Try here:
    Another knowledgeable user here recommended this a while back. I really liked Avira. Good luck!

  10. Flurb said :

    That’s for avast pro anti-virus, just download the home version of avast.
    Then you are fine.


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