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micro av anti virus download in to computer how do i delete?

micro anti virus 2009 downloaded into my computer and i try taken it of by deleted from programs in control panel n that don’t work cuz its not found n that thing is annoying it pops up n u cant do nething until its closed but it only stays closed for a while how do i delete?

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7 Responses to “micro av anti virus download in to computer how do i delete?”

  1. cotojo said :

    The following free programs have high success rates in removing this parasite:

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:
    Download, install, update and select Full Scan.
    Remove all infections that it finds after scan.

    Spyware Doctor Free Basic Edition – Realtime monitoring:
    Its free with Google pack, untick all boxes except Spyware Doctor. Download install, update and run.

    SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition:
    Download, install, check for updates, then select Scan your Computer, select your drive and select Perform Complete Scan

    Spybot S&D:
    Download, install, update and Immunize, turn off Tea Timer then click ‘Check for problems’ then when complete select all and then ‘Fix Checked’
    Open Spybot, click on Mode, select Advanced, click on Tools then Resident and untick Resident ‘Tea Timer’
    Do NOT untick Resident ‘SD Helper’ as that is your protection.

  2. David T said :

    I got the same virus in my laptop as well,but i manage to delete it without any format been done.
    Try Kaspersky Internet Security 2009.
    Download and update all the database.
    Restart your pc then run a full scan.
    After delete every virus,restart your pc again.
    After that,your pc should work as usual now.

  3. Don said :

    Try a online virus scan here are some address to try……get some protection is offering a complete security suite free and yes they can be trusted if you want to do it yourself I recommend along with search&destory) or SpywareBlaster from or… is another good one to consider although the last two don’t offer free protection some even recommend two anti-spyware scanners just to be on the safe side the other bit of advice i have to offer is external firewalls they hardwire to the machine with usb or firewire hook up now thats cutting edge tech.Remember paid is usually better than free however since kind offer that may not be the case anymore

  4. Neo said :

    Here is a video that shows how to remove the Micro Antivirus 2009

  5. JustinD said :

    MicroAntivirus2009, also known as Micro Antivirus 2009, MicroAntivirus 2009, is a form of malicious software, otherwise known as rogue anti-spyware software. MicroAntivirus2009 is a derivative and therefore a clone of MSAntivirus, MS Antivirus 2008, MS Antivirus, InternetAntivirus, AntivirusXP2008, XPAntivirus2008, Antivirus2009, Antivirus2008, VistaAntivirus2008, VistaAntivirus 2008, Windows Antivirus 2008, SystemAntivirus2008 and SystemAntivirus 2008 – all differing versions of renegade anti-spyware applications. The usual modus operandi of MicroAntivirus2009 is to infiltrate the computer user’s system via a Trojan program, which enables MicroAntivirus2009 to slip into the computer system through the system’s security exploits, via spam emails or by being installed by another malware or spyware applications. MicroAntivirus2009, like many other malware applications, will generate phony system warning alerts and misleading scan reports messages about there being an “infection” on the user’s computer. This method of operating is menat for the sole purpose of intimidating the user into purchasing the “full” version of MicroAntivirus2009 software. All PC users should not trust or even think about purchasing MicroAntivirus2009 as it is a renegade antispyware that should instead be deleted as soon as possible!

  6. Tyler D said :

    Go to Hard drive click program files find micro av and delete the folder

  7. L M said :

    Removes viruses automatically and protects email and instant messages. Protect your PC with real time monitoring and regular software updates.
    Try it now


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