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Where Can I Get a Free anti virus program to download?

Im looking for an Anti Virus program that will delete all the viruses from my computer for free.

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2 Responses to “Where Can I Get a Free anti virus program to download?”

  1. Ananth said :

    better , try avira , avast free editions …but note tat , once ur system is affected by virus means , there s no way to recover it completely…. may be u can delete the viruses but ur system speed is somewat slow only….

  2. gr8music at qtrtilldawn said :

    My spare computer uses AVG, it has worked good so far, it is the computer everybody uses so it sees some funky places and is still clean. Below is a link to CNET downloads, they have many others, but I am partial to AVG for a free anti-virus.

    But if you already have a virus, it’s too late, you will have to get rid of it first. An anti-virus is not a fix all, it is a tool to help stop you from downloading bad things.


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