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Which anti-virus software should I buy for my PC with Vista Home Edition?

I tried the free trial of AVG, but I didn’t really like it.

I’m looking to purchase one, but since there are so many, I don’t know which one would be best.

I’m not too worried about getting a virus since I only use the Internet for emails, Y/A and news websites.
I rarely download songs, etc.

Thank you!

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8 Responses to “Which anti-virus software should I buy for my PC with Vista Home Edition?”

  1. jamand said :

    Don’t buy any…

    User this one with Vista – I do and it’s fine.

    Download the FREE version and install it – register it and away you go.

    Works fine and picks up everything remotely dodgy

  2. tyrone k said :

    If you Looking Good Anti-Virus i would Recommend Use Avira AntiVir Personal
    Press here;mostPopTwoColWrap&cdlPid=10901492

    Why is Avira
    AntiVir Personal it is Good Than Avast ,Avg,NOD32,Kaspersky, and Norton? Press

  3. H B said :

    Avast & AntiVira aren’t very good from my experience.

    The best anti-virus in my opinion is ESET NOD32 or Smart Security. It has the lowest footprint, competitive prices, and a very high detection rate. Have a look at their website for more information, at

    Good luck!

  4. probablygraham said :

    Just using the net for emails and things is no guarantee whatsoever against viruses.

    I wouldn’t buy an antivirus because avg or avast, spybot s&d and maybe a firewall like zone alarm are as good as anything you might buy.

    I’ve had Norton bundled free on a laptop and a PC and it was awful – it just caused lots of problems. If you insist on buying, try Kaspersky.

  5. james B said :

    do not buy any get avast free. it works great with both vista home premium and x.p. pro.

  6. digar4o said :

    Well I use Mcafee . If you have a virus it notifies at the bottom of your screen.As soon as it shows it shows which software or file it comes from. Then you must immediately delete the file/software.

  7. Micky said :

    I use Mcafee and also malwarbytes.
    Virus software doesn’t always catch the malware.

  8. Johan D said :

    You are absolutely right. When you have an expensive computer you should be willing to protect is the best possible way.
    I would however not buy just an anti virus program, I wouold get an internet security program. It has everything under one roof, anti virus, anti spyware, firewall and much much more. It is a little more expensive than just and anti virus program
    There are a lot of different internet security programs, but I will recommend a few to you. I know these programs not just from reading about it, no I used everyone of them. I like experimenting and check out programs
    Bitdefender Total Security ( running this at his moment ) — very good
    ESET Smart Security – used it until a couple of months ago. — very good
    Zone Alarm Security Suite – good program ++++
    Trend Micro Internet Security – good progrram +++

    I give you the links of my 2 favorites programs–BitDefender-Total-Security-2009-(with-Online-Backup).html

    ESET Smart Security did find more infections than any other program I used. My advise is therefore. to get ESETE Smart Security

    Hope I could help you making up your mind


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