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What is the best and free anti-virus software or website to use?

I have over thousands of virus on my pc according to the Spybot-search and destroy after scanning but it won’t fix the problems. I’ve also used norton but my free trial is over.I’ve used 4 anti-virus softwares but it’s no use. Any help would be much appreciated.Thanks.

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9 Responses to “What is the best and free anti-virus software or website to use?”

  1. Roharme said:

    Always please keep this in mind

    If something is free, it cannot be best (Exception Open source)

  2. megaimpulse said:

    First of all, in my experience, anything that says you have a thousand virus is in itself either Malawi or a virus. I’m confident that spybot isn’t a virus but be careful what you download. From what I hear AVG anti-virus is a good free anti-virus program and I have a few friends who use it regularly as there normal anti-virus program.

    In any case, if you don’t wan’t viruses and windows is dying you should consider linux.

  3. kevin ? gent said:

    Avast home edition which is free

    register also free


    thes 3 free apps is all i use and keep my system 98% free from harm

  4. Ali said:

    M using avast home edition and it is just proving to be best antivirus product i have ever used…well the free version of any product wont give u the best features such as real-time protection, but Avast do..just check it out here if u want some reviews on it.

  5. tusu said:

    u have to be more carefull .u cant depend only on free antivirus…well u can use avast…or avira or avg..all of these have free version

  6. Alpha-1 Computer Services said:

    By far the best AV apps that I’ve used that are free are:

    1. Avast Free
    2. Avira Free
    3. Malwarebyte’s Antimalware
    4. Killbox is a great process killer and force-delete program
    5. SUPERAntiSpyware
    6. AVG as a last ditch effort.

    Just do note that some viruses require specialized software to remove them. Such as the Conficker.C and other worms. They tend to block your AV programs.

  7. ยท said:

    The best antivirus is called CAUTIOUS USERS.

    CAUTIOUS USERS will never get a virus, because they don’t download stuff they shouldn’t download.
    CAUTIOUS USERS don’t open email attachments.
    CAUTIOUS USERS don’t install browser add-ons they don’t truly need.
    CAUTIOUS USERS don’t go to websites that could contain malware.
    CAUTIOUS USERS don’t surf the net while logged into their computer administrator account.
    Contrary to popular belief, CAUTIOUS USERS don’t run mac or linux.

  8. Margaret said:

    If you need something completely free, try Avast or AVG Free Edition. Freeware has some limitations, of course, and isn’t the best – but among the freeware, these 2 top the list.

    If you can spend, the best I’ve tried are Kaspersky and eSET Smart Security (my current one). Both are not as huge (disk space) as Norton or McAfee but they still have all you need (firewall, network protection, custom scan profiles, etc) and perform as well (if not better, since I can’t really do something else while Norton and McAfee are scanning in the background). Since eSET SS 4, I’m practically virus free.

  9. Karthi said:


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