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How can I stop an Anti Virus site which blocks and saying that my computer don’t have the security?

I am using Avast Anti Virus free software. But sometimes, another anti-virus site blocks and say that I don’t have the Anti Virus Security and asks to use their product. At once their soft ware begins to run till I stop it. I like to know whether it is normal and do I have any problem in my computer.

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3 Responses to “How can I stop an Anti Virus site which blocks and saying that my computer don’t have the security?”

  1. Jibber said:

    This sounds like “Spyware”. Try a free spyware remover such as Lavasoft AdAware 2007. This should stop the problem.

    Hope this helps,


  2. kim said:

    It’s not normal. I have avast! installed. avast! should not be causing the problems you’re having.

  3. Preston D said:

    It sounds like some Rogue Anti-Spyware has gotten onto your computer. This is basically fake anti-spyware software that tries to sell you something. It is in fact a pretty severe threat to your computer and needs to be taken care of. Wikipedia has a pretty good description of what this is, see the first link in my sources for a bit more information about it.

    I would recommend running a thorough spyware cleanup on your computer to wipe it out, as generally the “uninstall” utilities for rogue programs do nothing at all. Here’s my advice for what to use for this, excerpted from another answer regarding spyware:

    For thorough spyware removal, check out Hitman Pro. It is a scripted program that will automatically download, update, and run through scans with a handful of spyware removal utilities, including Ad-Aware, Spybot, Spy-Sweeper, plus a couple others. I work in IT and it’s hands-down my favorite utility for free Spyware removal.

    I agree with anyone recommending AVG as well, and would choose this as the best single choice for maintaining your system. The free version is fine; it checks against both virus and spyware definitions. I wouldn’t recommend the Internet Security edition, unless you are a fairly advanced user, as it does require some configuration to work properly. Spybot S&D is also a good choice for ongoing protection.

    But if the computer is badly infected, I would definitely run Hitman Pro first, as it is extremely thorough. Once it finishes scanning, be sure to uninstall it though, because while you do want to be thorough in removing the spyware, you DON’T want the whole collection of programs it installs running ALL THE TIME, because that’s simply too resource-intensive. You just want one good one running all the time, such as AVG or Spybot S&D. If that sounds intimidating, don’t worry it’s just a few simple steps to actually go through:

    Download Hitman Pro and AVG free.
    Install Hitman Pro and run it
    Uninstall Hitman Pro (this also uninstalls all the programs it downloads and uses)
    Install AVG, leave it installed.


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