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I have up to date nortons anti virus on my laptop?

but i now have a rogue anti virus attacking my laptop and norton does not seem to be able to get rid of it. what can i do its driving me mad!

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10 Responses to “I have up to date nortons anti virus on my laptop?”

  1. Daniel D said :

    Unfortinatly all anti-viruses are out of date, they develop the removal tools for viruses when they know a new virus is out. They may have not developed the tool to remove that virus as of yet. If you know the name of the virus you can go to the website and check the virus database to see if they have a tool ready to download that has not yet been part of the live update system.

  2. The listening ear said :

    your not ever gonna get a fully up to date virus software, i’m sure there is a way you can send info on your virus to symatec for them to help them update other than that if you can get the name/type of the virus and google ( it, you will be able to get removal tools

  3. Smithy2009 said :

    You should run Live update on your Pc to find the latest updates. Maybe you should go to the norton website it may tell you about removing Viruses.

    I hope this helps,
    Best of luck

  4. Faster said :

    in this life, you will not have an antivirus that can protect your computer 100% from all threat…

    so don’t be mad about it, just stay calm, you will have an experience for it…. to backup your data more often…

    maybe later you have to install another antivirus, like avg, or else.

    note: keep update, (maybe just a week (7 days) is too late to update your antivirus). I update them everyday, or when I can connect to internet.

  5. pleasant valley said :

    google it, or switch to McAfee

  6. hi said :

    download malwarebytes anti malware from> and spybot search and destroy and always use them with your antivirus boot it in safe mode remove the infection and boot again and infection will be gone

  7. mawdo said :

    First Google the virus. Do you know where it came from (ie email, MSN, browsing…) and what it is called?

    Often people will have had the exact experience with the same virus and scanner and posted it online…

    You may want to try removing Norton and putting AVG free version on. Sometimes different scanner succeed where others fail, but this is a major job.

    If it is Malware, try AD-Aware free scanner, I really rate this software for removing Malware and the like.

  8. bob s said :

    Try MalwareBytes Anti Malware and Rogue remover,both free from the same company.The paid version is for real time monitoring protection

  9. Colinc said :

    Norton never handles these infections correctly. It is spyware and not a virus. You will need to download and update a good anti-spyware and anti-virus program. Then start in safe mode and run a scan.

  10. A.mckinney said :

    Norton is shit software ! End off…

    Get kaspersky, this will help you.

    Just incase you’re wondering i am a expert on security software and trust me, i know what im talking about.


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