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What is the most reliable anti virus?

I used to have McAfee and Norton but my brother (being a computer boffin) said that they aren’t that good. I heard Kaspersky is very good but after trying it, i had two serial numbers that were blacklisted in one day.

Anyone know of any good anti virus? Thanks in advance

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12 Responses to “What is the most reliable anti virus?”

  1. Saberr A said :

    Superanti spyware

  2. Felt Monkey said :

    A Mac!

    Haha, I love annoying anti-Mac people. 🙂

  3. The Great One said :
  4. rob K said :

    yes go to is free and do not take much space, work perfect.

  5. ele said :

    i always go with Norton. But you’ll have to pay. I think i remeber downloading an AVG anti virus for free last year so you could try their site. But Norton are pretty good, obviously the latest version.

  6. Laurennie. said :

    AVG is good
    i’ve never had any trouble with it

  7. Puppy Love said :


  8. kamal said :
  9. MellowMan said :

    I’ve been using AVG Free for nearly 2 years, without a problem.

  10. Angel M said :

    AVG is good.I haven’t had any problems with it.

  11. Snakeman ! said :

    Try AVG – – It’s a free download – and updates itself at LEAST once a day !

  12. Jessica Queller said :


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