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Is it safe to plug a laptop with home edition anti virus to an office network?

I just bought new laptop. I’m planning to use Avast home edition anti virus for it. I will use the laptop for working in my office. I will plug the office LAN cable to my laptop. My office network use enterprise edition McAfee anti virus. Is this safe?

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2 Responses to “Is it safe to plug a laptop with home edition anti virus to an office network?”

  1. Dunbar Pappy ϟϟ said:

    Do NOT introduce any outside unit into a LAN.
    It’s an absolute nightmare for the IT guys/gals to root out any malware that gets transferred into it, and may result in end of employment for you (if the policy calls for it).
    It’s not worth it on many levels.

  2. Rita said:

    You can use SpywareNoMore.
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