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Computers. Anybody know a FREE anti virus programme that might speed up my laptop?

My Dell Inspiron is getting soooo slow to open and surf. I need an anti virus or does it just need cleaning up. Dont want to pay- cant afford it. Tried a couple of free ones but they always want paying in the end!

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14 Responses to “Computers. Anybody know a FREE anti virus programme that might speed up my laptop?”

  1. barney said :

    get decrapifier, but an even better on is hitman pro, this is incredible

  2. dscharge said :

    Try AVG or Avast. Both have free versions available.
    Also you can try Spybot S&D that’s an anti spyware program very effectively removing any spywares and also free.

  3. Martin C said :

    Ccleaner to get rid of all the old stuff
    AVG Anti virus works well and there both free

  4. Dan said :

    AVG Free is what I used to use. Its one of the best out there and although it takes forever to scan, it picks up much more than other freeware.

  5. Kirisute said :

    two of the best free ones are
    AVAST and AVG

    but they wont speed up your laptop unless it is infected with spyware and virus’s that are slowing it down.
    firstly uninstall any thrid party toolbars you might be yahoo/google toolbar etc…
    you dont need them.
    second download CCLEANER (
    run it and let it remove all your old temp files etc
    also do a registry scan with ccleaner and repair any faults

    next take a look at what programs you have running at startup…again use ccleaner and choose TOOLS>STARTUP…look down the list and anything you dont want running all the time, or just dont use anymore then un-tick them. reboot and test, if it all works ok, then you can decide to remove the startup link fully with ccleaner.

  6. Sexy Scottish Kool Aid Man said :

    Use Avast , its free, just register for a key at , the key lasts a year and after that you just re-register for a new key

    Download from here:

    Also recommend you use Malwarebytes too ( its free too , no need to pay for upgrade version)

    Also maybe use CCleaner to help tidy your PC up a bit ( free also)

  7. fiddler said :

    Download.Advanced System Care 3.It cleans the rubbish off and there are
    programs to tune your system.Free.For best free anti-spy etc go to.File

  8. dhruv g said :

    download and install malwarebytes and update it and then run a quick scan

  9. ~ Arwen ~ said :

    Do you already have Norton or another Anti Virus programme on it?
    When I got my Inspiron it had Norton pre-installed and that caused a few problems at the start.

    First of all, I would go through all your files and folders and have a good clear out. Have a look at your memory – is it all used up? Then do a disk defrage (under Start>Accessories>System Tools.

    AVG is a good free anti-virus, which all my friends in IT use. It won’t slow your computer down and you don’t have to upgrade.

    By the way, is the computer running slowly ALL the time, or only when you’re online?

  10. Tommy-Gunn said :

    First go to your start menu and in the start search put disk defragment and it will show up in the space above…

    Please left click on it> Left clck the continue ine the pop up box and then left click on defragment now in the defragment tool…

    Restart the computer> go to and search for Avg 8.5 free…

    Download and install this…

    You should now be protected and most importantly running faster…

    Oh, make sure you uninstall any other Anti-Virus software before you install the AVG…

    Hope that I was of some assistance?

    I’m a A+ certified Tech.

  11. d4rkn1ght said :

    Hi!! I have a Dell Inspiron too! 🙂

    Ok… computer speed is perhaps one of the most cared about subjects in computing. Even though people think it would take a lot of work, it simply isn’t rocket science!

    Here are a few steps you should take:
    (Any of the programs listed below can simply be obtained by googling them :D)

    1. Protect your computer.
    You were right to suspect an infection. Malware and viruses can cause computers to slow down immensely. Good antivirus and antispyware programs are always needed. Remember to update your computer and scan regularly.
    Here are some good free programs (you can use them together):
    a. Avira Antivir Antivirus
    b. Malwarebytes Antimalware
    c. SUPERAntispyware
    d. Comodo Firewall Pro

    2. Cleanup
    Disk space when junked up with unwanted stuff can slow down your computer. Remember to run Disk Cleanup regularly, and there’s a good free program that can cleanup disk space even more thoroughly; CCleaner.

    3. Optimize
    Many unwanted programs are running in your computer right now, and if you disable these programs, your computer can run much much faster. Read here for more information:
    Also, Advanced Systemcare Free can help you optimize your computer by tweaking certain settings, allowing it to run smoother.

    4. Defragment
    When files get overused, their parts get split up on a hard disk, and when they are run again, the files have to be gather from many different parts of a hard disk, making access time slower. Defragmentation will speed up file access and your computer altogether. Either use Windows Defragmenter regularly, or a free alternative such as Auslogics Disk Defrag or Piriform Defraggler.

    These are only the basics, but they should help! Hope your computer gets faster!!

    Best Regards 😀

  12. Ghost70 said :

    An anti-Virus program isn’t going to speed up your computer unless you’re are infected and that’s why your computer is so slow.

    Try Glary utilities it’s totally free unless you want the pro version.

    P.S if you download this program you might have to try different mirrors
    because sometimes the program doesn’t download all the way

  13. KROFS said :

    Gizmo’s Freeware: Best Free Anti-Virus Software

  14. babygirl88315 said :

    If ur on messy sign off of it go to start run %temp% detect everything off of here.. Go back into start Run Ping yahoo, Ping voice, Ping, Also go back into Start run Prefetch everything get deleted out of here … Then go back into Start run Cookies everything but the Index file
    make sure u do this daily if u don’t Ur PC going to laggy so much more sorry to tell u that .. there some website u need to get ad-ware on Ur PC

    I can also give u so much more but i think that should help u out


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