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How do you disable Norton anti virus software?

I am trying to install a wifi system for a new laptop we have just bought but the installation halts and it says that the Norton AV software or a firewall is interfering with it so it says disable it.
Any ideas?

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13 Responses to “How do you disable Norton anti virus software?”

  1. Kostas M said :

    You have to lessen the defense system of anti virus. There should be sth around the options menu.

  2. mcdannells said :

    Uninstall and get a real virus protector…..

  3. Cathrine K said :

    go to your start menu and find the program. click on it, (you may have to right click) and it will give you the option to disable it. it’s actually very easy.

  4. 2-Steppa said :

    Uninstall Norton, you’ll get nothing but trouble and major system slowdown (especially at startup). Install AVG Free edition 8, it JUST WORKS!

    Note: It’s not difficult or ‘almost impossible to disable’ just download the Norton Removal tool from Symantec, it’s a breeze and you’re Norton free in seconds…

  5. Paul B said :

    You have to remove it from the registry. If you go onto their are some geeks that can tell you exactly what to do. They helped me with the same issue but it’s been a long time.

  6. Edward1983 said :

    go into nortons settings and look for personal firewall settings (use help if your getting stuck)

    if still no joy, ring up the manufacturer of the router who can guide you or ring/email norton who can help you aswell

    good luck i know computers can be a pain in the neck sometimes

  7. mks48p said :

    Depending on which version you have, you would have to go into the settings and press disable firewall. But for what you want to do, you might now even have to do that. You could probably get away with adding the program to the allow/block list.

    PS. A version would be good.

  8. DimBlonde said :

    At the bottom of your screen on the right hand side of the task bar, you should see a little icon for either Norton, or a shield for Microsoft security centr. From their you will see a button that says firewall, click on that and it will give you an option to disable it. Once you have finished doing what you are doing, open the security screen again and it will give you an option to enable the firewall again.

    Ignore all those telling you to remove Norton, you don’t have to for what you want to do, just temporarily disable the fire wall. Installing Norton in the first place was not a great idea and it is almost impossible to disable, even maintenance centres don’t do it properly.

    So live with Norton, just disable the firewall while you load your programme

  9. extra body,depth and ripeness said :

    Norton is v diff to get rid off, they control most of the market. Take to specialist.

  10. Jaffa cake. said :

    If you are trying to down load wireless lan driver, then you may only need dissable pop up blockers in tools. How can you install wifi in a lap top that already has wireless lan. It doesn’t make sense. And you must allways run virus scanning softwear. Do not dissable it. In the search bar bootom left, type in system restore and turn it off cos that bothers you a lot with norton 360. If you open norton 360 by doublr clicking bottom right you need to click on all four of the systems, and dissable them one at a time in the settings they have. Or the quickest way is to, in the search bar bottom left type in programs and features then click on programs and features and find it in your programs. From there just double click on it and in will un-install.

  11. yaz said :

    To disable Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect, open the control panel. Choose Preferences > Turn Auto-Protect Off. (The menu item toggles between Turn Auto-Protect On and Off. If it reads Turn Auto-Protect On, you don’t need to make a menu choice to turn it off.)

  12. Falcon G said :

    Norton-software is very intrusive. Best is really to remove it from your system completely (via Add/Remove Software in your Control-panel, to be accessed via the Start-menu) & to install some cost-free Anti-virus-software.
    Have a look at the cost-free Anti-virus-software on – see link below.
    If you need a more professional Data-defence-system, check out, e.g. www. . They offer a free Firewall-software, which is still the best available presently, as far as I know.


  13. D G said :

    Take the advice from Dimblond


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