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What is a free and decent anti- virus program that I can download for my computer?

I used to have AVG, but now you have to buy it. I am only 17 and don’t have the money fast to get rid of suspected viruses on my laptop. I need something quickly in order to get protection against them – what can I download and use for free as an anti-virus program??? Please help!!

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11 Responses to “What is a free and decent anti- virus program that I can download for my computer?”

  1. ean said :

    avira antivir is the best option

  2. Chris G said :

    Avira is currently the best of the free for home use antiviruses.  It does have a nag screen that comes up every few days asking you to buy it, but there is no need to.

  3. someboredguy123 said :

    spybot search and destroy is a great utility. it was created by a man who found a new way to protect himself from viruses and provides it for free. boeing was even impressed by his utility and hired him on a contract for 2 years.

    ps, no nag screen

  4. Harry said :

    You can try avast, it doesnt have a nag screen, and registration is totally free, i have previously used it and it got rid of a lot of problems, and it work even on a windows 98 ;D, its easy, fast, free and good to use 🙂

  5. snowwie40 said :

    You don’t have to buy AVG. AVG has a free edition. You may choose to your wishing if you want a paid version, but the free edition remains.

    Just use this link to get the free version:

  6. doodles87g said :

    I have used every single one of these except the one that has the nag screen. I liked Spybot Search & Destroy better than AVG or Avast–combined! However, I have been using Comodo Internet Security and Firewall ever since November of last year and haven’t had any problems. If anything, my computer ability has increased from what it was originally.

  7. IT Guy said :

    There are several that are good so read them and pick one. There are Comodo, Clamwin, AVG, and Avira to name a few. For spyware then Spybot S&D (search and destroy) is a good one. Adaware SE is good for adware problems. If you need a free online scanner then Malwarebytes or Bit Defender are both decent programs. Just remember that no matter what any of us say – you get what you pay for. These are all very good free programs though.

  8. Lawn Gnome said :

    Look at windows secrets DoT com.
    That is the best answer that I can think of.

  9. Red Bean said :

    norton 360 is the best, and try here to get one, good luck and enjoy

  10. Logi said :

    Avira is the first free reliable option that I can think of right now.

  11. Pankaj Kumar said :

    Go for avast home edition. Its free. Download from here.


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