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How can I install a free anti-virus program without getting a corrupt installation file error?

I uninstalled my anti-virus in order to use a new free version. I removed it completely from the computer. Now, it won’t let me download a new one. It keeps saying I have a corrupt installation file and it includes in parenthesis “checksum error”. Do I need to clean my windows registry first? Is there a free program for this task? I’m lost and I desperately need an anti-virus on my computer and fast!! Thanks!

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6 Responses to “How can I install a free anti-virus program without getting a corrupt installation file error?”

  1. daman8331 said :
  2. Aaron L said :

    lol why dont you just buy one most free ones are hackers saying try my ehaem “anti virus/virus scan”
    and you end up with an undetectable trojan or a worm so just buy mcafe

  3. Vik said :

    go to and download the anti virus most downloaded .

  4. broric said :

    try downloading Cyberdefender Its a free full internet security suite not just anti virus.

  5. Kashyap P said :

    go in to the start->run->regedit
    search your old anivirus name

    like for norton norton or symantac

    delete that entry parmantly

    install your new antivirus

    before this back up your registry

  6. Arnel F said :

    Download AVG Free. AVG per experience is the best anti-virus I’ve ever had. Norton AV, Mac Affe, and others though virus definition is updated can not detect some trojans and worms immediately but AVG does. AVG automatically update its virus-definition as soon as you are connected online. And it automatically scans your system in the background. You can also download priority and recommended updates manually.

    Now, you need to clean-up the “mess” from unistalling your old AV program. There are free registry cleaners, just try to google search them and try. But If you have the money, I recommend the Norton System Works. Its Windoctor will fix all Windows errors and other problems in your System.


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