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What is the best free anti-virus program to download?

My Anti-virus program subscription service with Trend Micro recently expired and I need to update my protection. I don’t want to pay $50 for a year of service unless I absolutely have to. What are the best free anti-virus programs or combination of free programs that would keep my computer protected just as good as anything I pay for?

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9 Responses to “What is the best free anti-virus program to download?”

  1. Spartan said :

    Malware Bytes isnt bad and neither is AVAST, avast is more of a web page blocker that stops you from going to the bad site, it pops up and stops the page from loading before you enter it

  2. Reject Dogma said :

    Microsoft Security Essentials is the best free anti-virus. Also, get Malwarebytes as a backup.

    If you do decide to pay for an anti-virus, get Kaspersky or Webroot.

  3. .[ a i c h ' e m ]. said :

    A free anti-virus that is free and you can download it on the internet; I would recommend “Avast! Antivirus”.

  4. The Mattman said :

    AVG version 9 is free, works great, and does not slow down a computer much.

  5. Senlis said :

    antivirus: avira or AVG (I prefer avira)
    antispyware: superantispyware
    backup scanner (for picking up any viruses the first two didn’t get): Malwarebytes anti-malware.

    Since free antiviruses/antispyware aren’t that efficient, I like to back it up with Malwarebytes. The free version doesn’t have an active scanner (a scanner that scans files constantly) like the first two, so it doesn’t have problems conflicting with them.

    If you have any other questions, email me at [email protected]

  6. Bowei said :

    there are free ones like avg that protect as well as low end crapy paid antiviruses but all anti virus makes that make these free ones also have paid ones wich basically mean you dont get all the recommendation is to download this for anti virus but since its free it wont get some viruses. then u should get malwarebytes. its a scanning porgram thats the best out there. it can be used as a real time anti virus but thats paid. so use avg as anti virus and scan suing malwarebytes weekly and thats a really good solution to not paying. 😀 if you like this please give me best answer

  7. Theodore said :

    You should absolutely use AVG. I have been using it for 6 years and it works great! I am an IT professional btw.

  8. GenreLab said :

    Forget Trend Micro. Sunbelt Personal Firewall is all you need. It trains your computer to only do what you provide permission for. For example, when you first install it, and you try to use your browser, it will ask you: “Should we allow this?” and “Should we make a rule so that you are not asked this question again?”

    After a week using it, you’ll wonder why it didn’t come as a default software on your system.

  9. Lisa said :


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