What is the best and free anti-virus program for my computer?

I need a free and brilliant anti-virus for the computer as i am on it 24/7. It need it to be as good as norton or something. Probably one that removes spyware, malware, virus, trojans, worms, etc. any ideas please?

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18 Responses to “What is the best and free anti-virus program for my computer?”

  1. Lektronk said:

    well i use panda and its free for me because i have windows 7
    AVG and AVAST are good too though.

  2. wlameron_123 said:


  3. Frank N. Stein said:

    DO NOT use AVG free, it has no protection against rookits, and it can barely remove even basic malware infections.

  4. mermeliz said:

    probably malwarebytes is the best overall coverage for free:

  5. Daniel D said:


  6. West said:

    I went through the same thing. I went with Avast! antivirus

  7. fiddler said:

    The best is Avira from File Hippo.Click expert mode before setting it up.
    AVG.Panda etc are easy to get through.If you want the best
    free firewall.Comodo.From the same site.

  8. Gagandeep said:

    Best is AVG

  9. NEIL V said:

    Probably one of the most popular, best (in my opinion) and most recognized free anti virus software out there is AVG Free. Of course this is no substitute for paid anti virus, but provided you aren’t downloading suspicious files or browsing shady websites you should be secure. In fact, saying that, AVG scored higher than many paid anti virus programs in industry tests. If your in the market for paid anti virus I would recommend NoD 32 or Kaspersky for 99.9% detection (my opinion from using both packages)

    Hope this helps

  10. dragoon_dex said:

    Avast! Anti-Virus is the best in my opinion. To be honest no one program will protect you computer from everything.

  11. Bobby said:


  12. sharon c said:

    COMODO is the best. I have had it for a while now and if you try to download something with that has a virus attached it will pop and tell you.
    Try it out, it’s free and it WORKS. Best of the Best!

  13. greenbig1 said:

    AVG ,Avira & Avast are the best free .AVG is a good easy to use all-rounder and the most popular free Antivirus Software in the world (if it was bad do you think people would use it?)

  14. BARRY B said:

    The terms free and best are incompatible when describing AVs. You cannot achieve full protection with a freebie, no matter what others say.
    The problem with freebies is they can actually cause more of a problem than you thought possible. When it shuts your PC down irretrievably, which does happen, you can have no complaint as you are not a paying customer. It depends how important your data, and machine, is to you. If you are prepared to take risks, fine. I would rather pay the annual fee for total peace of mind. But that’s me, not you I suspect.

  15. braceface said:

    avast or firewall but i’m not sure if that costs

  16. Russ said:

    I know you wanted free,however invest in Norton 360,its rocks,catches everything,buy it on ebay 7 days of the week for £9.99,protects 3 pc’s all legit,you download the 15 day trialware from Norton,then this ebay company emails you the key,to activate,its a security suite,firewall,virus,spam,rootkit and trojans,good if you file share,and it comes with a 3 pc license,always used to use free firewall and free virus,after norton scanned found loads.In long run,its a tenner that really works over and over,sell the other 2 pc licenses for like a fiver to your parents or relatives,complete 365 protection for a fiver,catches it all.
    Also bullguard security pretty good too.£6.99 for 3 pc’s.
    Dam,now it comes with a 2 year license,mine only had one,lol
    First link ebay norton 360 version 3,3 pc’s 2 year license £9.99
    Second Bullguard,version 8.5 ,3 pc’s 1 year license £6.99

  17. webjnke1 said:

    AVG Free is the best I’ve found … Not a single problem with it.

    or if you have any spyware or viruses already … run Malwarebytes from download.com

  18. mEn7aL said:

    use the cleaner wear make sure you have anything you have now uninstalled so you can clean ur computer.


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