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What Is the Best FREE Anti-virus Computer Program?

What is the best free anti-virus computer program that can protect my computer?

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12 Responses to “What Is the Best FREE Anti-virus Computer Program?”

  1. ilan said :

    i recommend AVG Free, it’s pretty nice.

    I also recommend SuperantiSpyware from, it helped me a lot before.

    Both are 100% free.

  2. Julian said :

    AVG is the t*ts man.

  3. Alex said :

    I was using McAfee, but I didn’t like it. You can google and download the AVG Free Edition. I’m using it now, and it’s a lot better than McAfee.

  4. Ashton said :


  5. hermionegrangerofnc said :

    I like AVG. They have a really good free version. I got mine from cnet.

  6. beastgir said :

    for free its avg (i got a scan running with it now) there are some really good pay for ones too that my grandma uses that rule but avg is the free one there is.

  7. Lindsay G said :

    AVG has been great for me

  8. Pogo13.5 said :

    I can get you a copy of Norton Internet Security or Gaming Edition. I bought volume licences and accidently bought too many, message me if you want them.

  9. brandy w said :

    i would say spyware or well actually none u should have disk cleanup thats the best thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Gabfest said :

    I think the best free anti virus program is the Free AVG. It works well and it doesn’t weigh or slow down my computer like other anti virus programs can.

  11. manicdill said :

    Avast anti-virus, because it has p2p protection, firewall, and an automatic registry change detector to prompt you values being added to the registry (run: regedit). For advanced users to detect malicious code

  12. Ted J said :


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