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What is the best Free anti-virus program for the PC?

I have avira-antivir which most people recommend for anti-virus. I do like it a lot but when i play games or such in the afternoon it’l shut down everything to update a few files and display “Mr. Anonymous Hacker” all over my screen. (i know it’s not a virus, its actually something avira put on there)

Are there any other programs that do as good of a job as Avira but without the annoying updates? And most importantly.. is it free?

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12 Responses to “What is the best Free anti-virus program for the PC?”

  1. Erewhon said :

    Try Avast Antivirus, it’s free and it works for me.

  2. cannabia said :
  3. CT said :

    Try Turning Off The Auto Updates On Your Anti-Virus Software

  4. bray said :

    You can try AVG free edition. You can configure the updates on when you want it to update. Also regarding the popups your getting with Mr. Anonymous Hacker, i suggest you perform a full anti-virus scan of your pc or get an anti-spyware software such as spybot search and destroy to scan it.

  5. PFCAnde said :

    All good virus programs are going to have the “annoying updates” otherwise they can’t protect your computer. I use Norton Antivirus and StopZilla, both do a great job. If you want a good virus program you are going to have to pay some amount. Free virus programs rarely work well without bad side effects.

  6. Sindanarie said :

    AVG Anti-Virus and AVG Anti-spyware is your best bet for the greatest free anti-virus ever built. Free download. Just look

  7. Bruno said :

    I use avast anti-virus and i don’t have problems.
    Excuse-me for some error. I’m from another country…
    I’m testing my english…

  8. Robin Smith said :

    Free always not works well. i recommend to spend some money to protect your computer to save your time to make installation again and again.
    There are lot of antivirus software in market like notron , kespersky ect. you can choose them accordingly your budget and requirement.

  9. James T said :

    No more trojans and keyloggers
    Thanks to because of which I could find several keyloggers and trojans on my computer. I had also tried for some other antispyware but no one could detect my problem. Your software is excellent.

  10. James N said :

    Excellent than others
    After trying out for all antispyware software’s available in market I finally switched on to which helped me to remove dangerous Trojans stalling my computer for several days……you too go for it …..It works.

  11. Darren0901 said :

    Avast is a good anti-virus [Free home edition]

  12. drajax said :

    Imho i’ve tried many antivirus both free and payable ones and i find avast to be almost perfect and efficient! And doesnt mess up with the boot up times and lag ur system. Its also free!!


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