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What is the best free anti-virus program that works like Norton?

My norton subscription runs out in 6 days and i really need a new anti-virus program that is free (I dont want to pay 50$). What program works the best, almost like norton but that is free in your opinion?

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5 Responses to “What is the best free anti-virus program that works like Norton?”

  1. Person said :

    Avast or Avira. NOT AVG!!

  2. Ed G said :

    Avast is pretty good and is easy to use like Norton. Here’s a link to computersworth, where if you want you can get Norton anti-virus for $16 or Norton Internet Security for 20

  3. ilknur K said :

    If you Looking Good Anti-Virus i would Recommend By Using Free Avira AntiVir Personal Press here;mostPopTwoColWrap&cdlPid=10901492

    Why is Avira AntiVir Personal it is Good Than Avast ,Avg,NOD32,Kaspersky, and Norton? Press here

  4. Gaurav said :

    bestantivirusreviewed software

  5. Heri said :

    I recommend you to use Avg antivirus free edition 2011.

    Why? Look at that Avg antivirus have same quality like norton. And absolutely free. But, Avg antivirus is without firewall. So, you must download firewall free edition likes comodo or pc tools firewall plus. Download at

    Have fun! 🙂


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