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Is there a free anti-virus program for my computer?

Can someone tell me if there is a good anti-virus program/internet security for my computer? I have Norton, but several people have told me that it’s just so-so. Is there anything else I can download that would work? Thanks!

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11 Responses to “Is there a free anti-virus program for my computer?”

  1. Jeff P said :
  2. redthunder said :

    Free AVG is really good, but it’s free for only a trial of 30 days. Also Malwarebytes is really good.

  3. chetan v said :

    I would suggest you to use Avast, Avira or AVG (in decreasing order of preference).

    All these three have free personal edition antiviruses.




    for more information read this:

  4. Andy G said :

    Yes there is the best ones are Avast or Avira just google them. Hope this helps.

  5. Billy said :

    Malwarebytes Download At:
    Then Run A Scan and Update Once a week

  6. Dark Angel said :

    Yes it is go for the free one of AVG and only download from CNET as it’s a great download site and it’s heck a safe and it’s the only one i will use as i got screwed over on other sites before.Just look for the 8.5 version for free and go to cnet and in about 30 min or less your in Business.It captures viruses ‘ trojans and worms and gets them where they belong’ virus vault and leave them in 30 days before deleting to take all the power off and then the die.

  7. queen of answers said :

    Norton was good. There’s a lot better choices now

  8. Chris said :

    Try AVG, Avast, or Avira

  9. Vin said :

    Yes susie there is … Avira is what i use there is a free version which has higher detection that most of the pay ones even . you can download it here Another good free one is Avast you can download it here

    Avira is still my favourite though as it uses up hardly any resources on the computer in basic terms it does not slow your computer down But avast comes close second …. …Stay away from AVG it is highly overrated and not as good as it used to be .

  10. hero no .1 said :

    Only single antivirus cannot help u out in tough situations ,
    You need a combination of softwares to help protect ur PC .
    Here is the combination that I use
    Avast antivirus > Malwarebytes > Super Antispyware > Comodo Firewall .

    u can use AVG or Avira FREE in place of Avast

    U can get the above on following addresses –
    Avast –
    AVG –
    Avira –

    Malwarebytes –

    SuperAntispyware –

    Comodo Firewall –

    These apps work in combo to protect ur PC , and provide rock solid protection against viruses ,and all are free !

    Good Luck

  11. jodie_microsoft_smb said :

    Check out Microsoft Security Essentials – a free download that defends your computer against viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, and other malicious software. This link will help:

    Jodi E.
    Microsoft SMB Outreach Team
    [email protected]


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