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Is there such an anti-virus program that protects a computer from all or most viruses?

I have an old Dell laptop from around the year 2000, and no matter what anti-virus program we download into the laptop, it will always come up infected with some crazy virus. God knows what my dad does on that laptop to keep getting different viruses that no anti-virus program can cure. But anyway, which virus-fighting program would you recommend? Is it true that Apple Macbooks never get viruses no matter what?

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7 Responses to “Is there such an anti-virus program that protects a computer from all or most viruses?”

  1. MRoblivious1bmf said:

    Tell him to stay off those porno sites.

    he is getting viruses because he is allowing the viruses to download and run.

    most anti virus programs will be able to disable the av software given the chance.

    use a live linux cd and backup your important files to cd/dvd or another harddrive.


    use spybot s&d or adaware to scan for malware.

    Apple computers get viruses too, btw.

  2. Mercuri said:

    Let me address your questions one at a time:

    Is there such a program that protected a computer from all viruses?
    No. It’s impossible to be 100% effective.

    Is there such a program that protected a computer from most viruses?
    Yes. Programs with an exceptionally high virus detection rate include Kaspersky and NOD32.

    To fix your dad’s laptop, you can aways reformat it (as in reinstall everything). That’ll fix the problem.

    Can Macbooks get viruses?
    Yes. Macs can and do get viruses. You can do a search for the “Newton Virus” for one such (funny) example. It’s just less common for a Mac to get a virus since most viruses are written for Windows.

    Another thing to mention is that most viruses are written for Windows because Windows is the dominant operating system. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with Mac being any more secure.

  3. Sabit B said:

    EST Nod32 is good for viruses. A Apple computer CAN get a virus, its just that Windows is a huge majority of the computer world, so not many people (hackers) make viruses for Mac’s, they just make it for the WIndows PC. Linux is also very good at NOT getting viruses.

  4. MikeyP said:

    If you are running Windows XP, turn off System Restore and then scan/clean the viruses from the PC using at least 2 different AV programs and an anti-spyware program. Once it’s really clean, turn System Restore back on.

    Otherwise, save all your data files to an external hard drive or CDs, reformat the laptop, reinstall Windows and your applications, and restore your data. Be sure to scan all your data files BEFORE you copy them back to the laptop.

    Apple’s OSX doesn’t present the same target rich environment that Windows does, so very few viruses are written to target it.

  5. aznlasvegan said:

    actually what the guy before me said is pretty accurate.

    the anti-virus program AVG, however, works well against all/most viruses, so it fits your bill.

    then again you can always reformat your hard drive which completely erases everything on your dad’s laptop. it’s like starting a clean slate, which isn’t so bad if you’ve put everything of importance or personal value on a backup disk. it’s a bit of a pain to get everything started up again though.

    nevertheless, i find that reformatting your hard drive is the cleanest and most straightforward method of eliminating viruses that already exist on the laptop, and that AVG is a safe bet for virus protection.

    hope i was able to help.

  6. Rusty&Nicole said:

    Hey I use Norton 360 2.0, I have a new Dell and I have tried AVG and MacAfee and I have gotten viruses from using those, so when I bought my laptop I wanted the best and looked around and found this one. Im on the Internet pretty much 24/7 and I DL a lot… lots from Lime wire and I have nothing bad, no viruses not spyware nothing. So I would 100% reccomend Norton 360 2.0…. but make sure it’s the 2.0, heard the regular 360 isn’t as good. I hope this has helped you out!
    Macs do get viruses! Just not as many, but give it time and Macs will have the same as everyone else

  7. Steve said:

    Norton Internet Security.
    I jumped up to Symantec Antivirus Corporate.
    Norton is the best, FREE stuff sucks.
    Click on any free stuff and see where you end up lol!


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