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What is a trustworthy yet free anti-virus program that I can install from the internet?

Thank you very much and remember the person’s anti-virus suggestion that I end up going with will get 10pts.


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13 Responses to “What is a trustworthy yet free anti-virus program that I can install from the internet?”

  1. Josh B said:

    Link Below

    Good Luck

  2. Pete said:

    AVG is the best.

  3. jonwalkerr said:

    AVG from grisoft…it’s free and works awesome

  4. fireman said:

    If you are using Comcast Cable Internet you get free McAfee.

  5. legendarydd0g said:

    SUPER anti-spyware free edition, i know it sounds cheesy but its the best one out there. I love it. Better even than AVG.

  6. Blonde Beauty said:

    AVG Free just type it in your google and it will pop up.. Best and free as well easy to use

  7. bubble said:

    AVG. works great and it has a free version you can download

  8. rpcohen64 said:

    Avast free edition is good, AVG is better , both have free versions.

  9. Alsaqri said:

    AVG anitvirus i had it but when i got my new comp it came with a free antivirus subscription if didnt get my new comp i would have stuck with AVG you can find it at if they still have it there or just look it up on google

  10. snagelfritz said:
    “IF” you download this, it install and then need to go on-line to load the current “Virus Definitions” so, do not freak what it do.
    Now, remember this; Virus software “may” detect things that not a virus. First quarantine and be sure everything work, before you Delete.

  11. Node1499 said:

    All have free versions.

  12. alposnacks said:

    If you ever have a virus that your other virus programs can’t detect, then download the trial of STOPzilla. It’s only a trial, but it’s the best I’ve ever seen and it will quarantine any threat for you.

  13. Tyler said:

    Here’s a list of the best free ones


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