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How do i download a anti virus when i already have a virus on my comp that seems to be blocking any attempts?

I think i have a virus on my computer that will not allow me to download an anti virus program. What do i do about it? Every time i try to access a link to an anti virus D/L it either says the request was badly formed or that the browser cannot find the requested page….

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4 Responses to “How do i download a anti virus when i already have a virus on my comp that seems to be blocking any attempts?”

  1. Person said :

    Start in safe mode with networking then download malwarebytes and run a scan.

    Then download an antivirus and run a scan.

  2. Matt Y said :

    If that’s true, go to another computer, download the .exe file and transfer it to a usb. Then install it via the usb on your computer

  3. Y!A Person said :

    This is how you download a virus remover program and get your system back.

    1.Shut down your computer.
    2. Turn it back on
    3. When your computer manufacturing logo(like dell,HP,Toshiba,Sony etc.) goes away, repeatedly click f8 to get some options.
    4. Click “safe mode with networking”
    5.wait till your computer starts.
    6.When it finished starting, go to your internet.
    7. Go to
    8. Search malwarebytes.
    9. Go to their website, download the program
    10. when it finished downloading, install the program.
    11. When it finished installing, run the program.
    12. Click Full Scan
    13. Wait till it finished. It will take a while but it will remove it.
    14 when finished, it gives you instructions on how to remove the threats.
    15. When the threats are removed it will say it will need to restart. Do so.


    Glad to help,

  4. starcraftfan95 said :

    start in safe made and
    get Avast it offers a really solid protection against threats. It has protection against anti-spyware & anti root-kit. Using it’s Web Shield the computer is protected against browser hijacks blocking access of hijacked websites. also features a heuristics engine and a Gaming Silent mode. The Mail Shield protects the computer from infected email messages, while it’s Instant Messaging Shield protects the system from IM threats. It supports a lot of IM clients like Windows Live Messenger, AOL, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger and others. Another great feature is the Peer-to-Peer Shield, which scans all the files downloaded with P2P clients. Some of the supported clients are: LimeWire, Ares, DC, BitLord. Avast has a Behavioral Shield which monitors the system for any suspicious behavior, and it’s Network Shield monitors the network activity in order to stop virus from infecting the system.
    Main Features
    – File System Shield Monitors all files and programs stored on the computer.
    – Web Shield Monitors and eliminates online threats.
    – Mail Shield Monitors all email activity.
    – P2P Shield IM Shield Monitors all downloads from P2P applications.
    – Behavioral Shield Monitors suspicious activity.
    – Gaming Silent Mode Monitors messages, pop-ups or alert threats get displayed.
    – Network Shield Monitors all network traffic.
    it is free


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