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what is a really good free anti virus program?

I have alot of viruses right now because my current free anti virus program is crappy and didn’t update on its own. So then those new viruses just walked on in…. anyone know any free anti virus programs that can clean out a computer well? and possibly also maintain a virus clean computer?

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8 Responses to “what is a really good free anti virus program?”

  1. George J said :

    free download its very good

  2. Duke said :

    I would go with AVG ( or Microsoft Security Essentials.

    Depending on the infections you have, they may not remove them (things like Personal Security and rogue anti-viruses normally are not caught by common anti-virus software)

    You might want to also grab MalwareBytes — the free version doesn’t offer real-time protection, but if you’re OK with manually starting a scan weekly it’s a great option.

  3. Andy said :

    get avira and malwarebytes antimalware for the malwarebytres there is going to be a ‘quick scan’ option just click that and all those malware will be gone…now for Avira just make a full scan (takes about 45 min for my computer) and surely itll take most of your virus away


  4. SajoWindows said :

    avast!, is all I could say.

    Let me be more clear.

    There is a free anti-virus program called avast! 5.0 and it saves my life all the time. It is really fast, really powerful, and has real-time resident protection, meaning it even scans every site you visit for malicious content.

    I had avast! ever since of the 4.8 build and it was able to detect some trojan horse viruses my stupid ol’ Norton was never able to detect. I was so happy that I went with avast 4.8 and was even more excited for avast 5.0!

    For more information, check my sources. I posted the link to the official avast! site and the C|Net review of this spectacular anti-virus.

  5. Ashoke Mehraj said :


  6. Rita said :

    You can use SpywareNoMore.
    As we all know Computer hackers seeking financial gain rather than thrills or notoriety are increasingly flooding the Internet with malicious software code (spyware, adware, key loggers, trojans). They are infecting computers with highly sophisticated programs that record surfing habits, bank passwords and other key financial data and send them to crooks over the Internet. These programs can be hard to spot, disguised in downloads such as toolbars, search engines, browser accessories, screen savers and other seemingly helpful utilities.

    SpyNoMore anti-spyware safeguards your identity and restores system performance through fast, smart and powerful spyware protection.

  7. stef said :

    Try Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition. It is free, fast and accurate.

    You can also try Comodo Internet Security and Malwarebytes.

  8. Seller said :

    There are many free anti virus program. But most of them require you to pay for an upgrade to premium package before they fully help you to maintain a “virus-free” computer. I suggest a paid version of anti virus program – Norton Internet Security 2010. You should try this out and download this from You can always get a trial key from the website before you make any purchase.


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