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What’s a good, free anti-virus program that’ll scan for all the viruses and then fix it for free?

I havnt checked my pc for viruses or trojans or anything lately and i was wondering whats a good, safe, free anti virus/spyware program? that scanns and ets rid of all the bad things? Thank you 🙂

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6 Responses to “What’s a good, free anti-virus program that’ll scan for all the viruses and then fix it for free?”

  1. Grimey said :

    AVG Free Edition

  2. JimDandy said :

    AVG Free

  3. im somebody said :

    my ultimate choice of my life(for now): Avira Antivir
    99.8% virus trojan and others detection
    99% for spyware/adware detection
    Highest percentages, better than other companies

    Lightest on computer resources
    Yup, the best

  4. kro said :


    If your computer is infected you should follow the steps at

    Before you install anti-virus software. That way you give your new software a better chance at finding the viruses otherwise the virus may have defenses in place to hide it from new software.

  5. don piano said :

    No anti-virus will detect 100% of everything – not even any ‘paid-for’ software can do that.

    Avast! Home Edition is a very good choice for free AV – it offers pretty much everything a commercial AV does and it’s detection rates are not too shabby either.

    Also install both the free versions of Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware and SUPERAntiSpyware; both are very good and offer full scan and removal capability. If Avast (or whichever AV you choose) misses anything, hopefully one of these two will pick it up.
    MBAM –
    SAS –

    Both MBAM and SAS can be installed at the same time as neither (of the free versions) offer real-time protection – meaning they won’t clash/conflict with each other. This also means that neither will use any CPU or RAM (except for when you are scanning with them of course). Just don’t scan with both at the same time either.

  6. Ryan said :

    The best FREE Anti-Virus product by far is Avast. Avast has very very high detection rates, so it can detect loads and loads of Viruses. Do not use Avg. Most people now, use Avg because it is really popular. What they don’t know is that it only has an 85% detection rate which is pretty poor. However with FREE Anti-Virus softwares, you have to have extra protection because obviously they are FREE. Your best chance is to buy an Anti-Virus, i recommend Kaspersky. So far in the Anti-Virus 2009 test results, Kaspersky has scored the highest. If you dont want to buy an Anti-Virus i recommend you keep switching with the FREE trials. A-Squared Free is also good at detecting those Viruses/Trojans/Spyware/Rookits/Dialers that some of the Anti-Virus programs mistakenly miss them. Here is the link for A-Squared Free.

    Avast scores nearly 99% which is pretty good for a free one. It also includes more features like a P2P-Shield (limewire, frostwire, utorrent shield), Anti-Virus,

    Features overview:
    built-in Web Shield
    built-in Automatic updates
    Strong self-protection
    Virus Chest
    Antivirus kernel
    System integration
    Simple User Interface
    Integrated Virus Cleaner
    Resident protection
    Support for 64-bit Windows
    P2P and IM Shields Internationalization
    Network Shield

    As you can see that is quite a few things. Avast is free but there is a small issue. You have to register (which is free), all you have to do is give them you email address and they will send you the code. The code lasts for 1yr. Here is what you have to do:

    If you are a new user, you have to click the following link on the site:

    I’m a new user and I need a registration key for avast! Home Edition

    If you are a registered user but you license key has expired you have to click the following link on the website:

    I’m a registered user and my registration key has expired, I need a new one

    Here is the site to register etc:

    You get 60 days to put your code in before it asks you.


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