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Looking for a good free anti virus program?

Im in Iraq an cant just go out and buy a program. Im looking for a free anti virus program any ideas?

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7 Responses to “Looking for a good free anti virus program?”

  1. Zezima said :

    Go to and search for AVG then download AVG Free Edition. Thats what I have on my computer

  2. Cindy_joe said :

    McAfee is the best. Atleast they dont produce thier own viruses like other anti-virus companies

  3. Sandy said :

    Try ….

  4. Lemor said :

    go and download one of the P2Ps available on net and through it download any antivirus from it! if not possible, here’s a site foree antivirus:

  5. z☺☺mjet►►► said :

    You will find some good freeware here

    Try AntiVir or the one I use, Avast.
    I don’t like AVG but that’s personal – too much gets through the system!

  6. Ralph R said :

    Any information you need please try the following first. Go to
    Type a search question with key word or pharses, like
    “Free Anti Virus program” and Search

    But remember whenever you get something free there is usually a hidden “cost”. Always do some more searches on the net to find out if the free software is reliable and is free of spyware etc. and are some sites to download both paid and freeware.

    Good Luck – and yes I wish you peace in Iraq, the sooner the better.

  7. Debra M said :

    I have SPYBOT and AVG. A computer technichian installed them for me when my computer crashed after installing McAffee. Seems to work great. AVG updates and corrects at a destinated time every day and I run a check on SPYBOT once a week and fix selected problems. GOOD LUCK


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